It’s official!! Crazy Rich Asians is a massive success. The first all-Asian movie in 25 years had a #GoldOpen, made over 100 million dollars, and already has a sequel in the works. More movies means more characters means more hyphenated Asian actors making their way into this blockbuster franchise. And while there has been think piece upon think piece about what this movie has done for Asian Representation in the Western world, let’s never forget that it’s also loaded with beautiful men of Asian descent.
In Hollywood fims, Asian men usually get the short-end of the stick. They’re often portrayed as asexual nerds, boring IT dudes, and the butt of the joke. We’ve all seen Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles. But no more!
For the past few years, attractive Asian men have been coming out of the woodwork, reminding us all that Asian men are sexy and desirable. Crazy Rich Asians adds to the movement, making sure that its leading and supporting men are all as shirtless as possible. Henry Golding, Pierre Png, and Chris Pang are walking thirst traps and people took notice
So in honor of the men who do the Asian diaspora proud, here’s a list of the Nerdophiles’ Top Picks of Men for the Crazy Rich Asians sequel.

Do yourself a favor and watch Kim’s Convenience on Netflix. The Canadian television show was a hit play before becoming a series. And Simu shines as the “hyeong” of the Kim clan. Simu is not only a solid actor, and is ripped to shreds (a must for CRA2), he’s also gunning for the role of Carlton


Lewis Tan

Into the Badlands fans know him as Gaius Chau. He’s also Shatterstar in Deadpool 2, and Lu Xin in the upcoming Wu Assassins on Netflix. Is this Hapa hottie too busy for the Crazy Rich Asians sequel? We certainly hope not. 


Ludi Lin

His portrayal as the Black Ranger in the Power Rangers reboot may have shot him to fame. But his upcoming turn in the DCEU’s Aquaman will certainly cement him as a movie star. After Atlantis, he should definitely make the jump to Singapore. 


Godfrey Gao

Dubbed “the world’s first Asian supermodel,” Godfrey Gao has spent his time modeling and starring in The Mortal Instruments franchise as Magnus Bane. It only makes sense that this man, who’s a star in both Asia and the US, should make his way into the Crazy Rich Asians franchise. 


Leonardo Nam 

There needs to be someone who’s cheekbones can face off with Michelle Yeoh’s! And it is of the utmost importance that the men of Crazy Rich Asians can rock a suit.  Leonardo Nam checks both those boxes. He’s been chilling in Westworld, but maybe it’s time to have him visit a crazy, rich, Asian world.


Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney (along with Lewis Tan above) is repping for the half-Asians on this list! He may have just gotten a bump up to the main cast of Criminal Minds, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take the time to make us all swoon in the CRA sequel! 


Vincent Rodriguez III

Vincent reminded us all that “fit hot guys have problems too” in the third season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. If he hasn’t had enough crazy in his life, maybe he can make an appearance in Crazy Rich Asians part deux? (Also, he sings. Karaoke, anyone?)


David Lim

David Lim has been sitting pretty in TV land, with starring roles in Quantico and SWAT. This man deserves a film role STAT. Calling Jon M. Chu and Kevin Kwan!  

Have a suggestion for who should be added to the CRA fam? Comment below and tell us who we’re missing! 

Crazy Rich Asians is in theaters now. 

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