SONA, a new series from Legendary entertainment released through Project Alpha, finally hit the internet on Wednesday. We had a chance to check out the show through a fantastic VR experience at San Diego Comic Con and couldn’t wait for the premiere. 

Through SONA, creator Ashley Clements brings audiences the story of Lieutenant Belyn Sona. Right before her ship explodes she is shoved into an escape pod. Whoever locked her in also launched her into space where her pod’s external sensors were destroyed by the blast. 

There, Lt. Sona is left alone floating through the vast expanse of space. Her only companion is a relatively unhelpful on board computer with limited data, meaning limited help to get out of her predicament. 

The first episode is just shy of nine minutes long but packs one hell of a punch. 

SONA‘s journey to this exciting point is a testament to hard work and vision on the part of Ashley Clements and her team. At San Diego Comic Con she shared some behind-the-scenes knowledge about the series, particularly the creation of the pod. 

The escape pod, which from the get-go appears to be a character of its own, was built in her kitchen. What amazes me is that I went into the first episode knowing this and looking for any sign and found nothing. 

The SONA team has done a wonderful job bringing a kitchen dream into a hit reality. We’re definitely excited to see more of Sona’s journey. 

If you want to join in on the fun there’s good news! New episodes will run on Alpha ever Wednesday. Head over to the site, click to join, and put in the promo code SPACE to get a 60 day free trial. 

You can learn more about the series through the SONA website and we encourage you to follow creator Ashley Clements on Twitter.

Once you watch the first episode you can sound off on Twitter using the hashtag #SONAseries! There are a lot of great reactions happening now so join the fun!

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