NerdHQ was the best offsite space for years at San Diego Comic Con. Headed up by Zachary Levi as a way to provide more space for fans and raise money for Operation Smile, NerdHQ was renown for its “Conversations for a Cause”. We loved NerdHQ because it was a break from the chaos of the convention center. It also offered fans a more intimate venue in which to talk to the talent attending the convention. 

Unfortunately, as of last year NerdHQ stopped being a thing during San Diego Comic Con. Gone was the sprawling lounge at Petco Park filled with couches and charging points, the conversations, the pop up photo ops, and everything else that came with it. 

Fast forward to earlier this year and fans had a little bit of hope that they might see NerdHQ again. Zachary Levi posted on instagram that he was in talks to see if one final NerdHQ could happen. It didn’t pan out. Fans were sad all over again. 

But then, in the middle of the convention he sent out a tweet: he was looking for a venue for a dance party and wanted to know if anyone had connections. 

It seems like the tweet panned out because Zachary Levi announced on his twitter last night that a Saturday night dance part is a go. 

The location is to be announced to discourage lining up early and camping out since that leads to missing out on all that San Diego Comic Con has to offer. Chances are it will be somewhere nearby the convention center because I doubt he’d want to make people hoof it too far, and it will be sometime after 8pm.

Priority will be given to anyone wearing “Nerch” – referring to NerdHQ Merchandise – so I hope you packed yours! I still have one of my shirts from San Diego Comic Con 2013 but unfortunately didn’t bring it. May the rest of you be luckier than me. 

So for everyone missing NerdHQ this year, tonight is for you. Keep your eye on Zachary Levi’s twitter account for updates on the venue and anything else you might need to know if you want to attend. 

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