Synopsis of 03×12: The team tries to make it to IADG headquarters as the clock to save the world continues to countdown. Abigail gets up to some major nonsense as she inevitably messes up the team’s plans.

I really appreciated the opening this week. Abigail is such a strange character but seeing her completely at peace, sipping french pressed coffee as she stared down the end of the world was an oddly comforting scene. It solidified her as a truly gonzo, potentially un-savable character which is such a grew foil for the character of Jackson, who believes everyone can be saved down to the very last minute. 

She also used a rocket launcher to shoot an EMP at the team’s plane to bring it down on the wrong side of the barrier. Girl knows style. The only hope for saving the world came crashing out of the sky right into hybrid territory, sending the team and the IADG into a panicked flurry. 

On the plane before the crash we got to see that the team, though alive, is not in the best shape. They are still hurting from the wounds sustained during Abigail’s takeover of the plane and Mitch was forced to process the death of his dad. Thankfully there’s a baby in the room to make everyone happy, except Jamie of course who refuses to hold the kid and it ruffles Mitch’s feathers. 

After their crash landing, Jackson and Abe went to secure the plane and Abe had nothing but positive thoughts to share about saving the world and curing sterility. He could have another child and maybe, just maybe, Jackson and Tessa could have a family too. Mitch and Jamie worked on getting the radio up and running and filled the IADG in on their location. Dariela and Tessa planned to lead a rescue team to get to the plane, get the dead man’s switch, and hopefully save the world. 

It did not work out as planned though, as the rescue team was quickly overrun by hybrids. Logan was able to make contact with the plane and told the team they were on their own for the moment. Afterward, he learned that the IADG has a contingency plan: blow up all the major cities with beacons. Casualties would be high, but it would stop the hybrid invasion. Logan was understandably not thrilled about this. 

Out in the field Dariela and Tessa, through the power of plot armor, made it through the attack alive. They made contact with Logan and Logan coordinated with the plane. Jackson and Sam would lead the hybrids away from the area while the rest of the team made their way to Dariela, Tessa, and the barrier. The ladies made it to the plane to help guide them back and everyone took a minute to say hello/goodbye to loved ones and to hold the baby. It isn’t like there’s a countdown clock to the end of the world or anything…

Mitch, still perturbed by Jamie’s reluctance to hold the new baby, tracked her down. She finally explained that it was because he was right, she “was the darkness” and she did not want to taint the baby. Later, right before the team joined them to head out, Mitch told her that she was not alone. He was full of darkness too, because she didn’t need Mr. Duncan to kill Abigail. Mitch would have done it himself. 

Jackson and Sam had a heart to heart as they discussed their plan to distract the hybrids. Once Jackson left the room Sam’s true intentions were revealed: he was still working for Abigail. Jackson did not know he was about to walk straight into a trap. 

In the middle of the hybrid zone, on their way to the barrier, Abe dropped to the ground due to breathing issues from the hole in his chest. Mitch was able to save him with a knitting needle and Jamie got the baby to stop crying by holding him. That’s one way to get Jamie to hold the baby. 

Jackson completed his part of the mission and was getting ready to turn back when Sam showed his hand. Abigail was there with a gun pointed at him and Jackson got into a physical fight with Sam. He eventually won, even after Sam jumped in front of Abigail to act as a human shield, and tossed Sam down a hill to where they’d tossed the rest of the hybrid bait. Abigail started another one of her evil mastermind speeches while Jackson smashed the button to skip dialogue and shot her instead. 

Of course it did not get her to stop talking (only death seems to work for that) and she revealed a big plot twist: Sam was actually Jackson’s lost son, Conner, that had supposedly died in a vehicle fire. Apparently he had survived and was raised by the shepherds. In a fit of fatherly instinct, Jackson leaped down the hill, fought off a pack of hybrids, and scooped Sam up to try and get him to safety. 

In a bit of good news, the rest of the team made it safely to the IADG headquarters. Clem and her baby got the medical attention they needed and Mitch presented the dead man’s switch with just under an hour to go before the end of the world. Nicely done, team. 

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