The Amazon Fire TV experience is a refreshing oasis away from the summer weather. While some sunshine is certainly healthy, there’s also a certain appreciation for the cooling breeze of A/C. Located at 517 7th Ave, Amazon Fire TV spared no expense building their experience. They’re offering visitors to come and fast forward to the future of television.

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Entering into the experience, it is full of small little subsections to complete. This experience gives you a deeper understanding of how Amazon plans to utilize the changing technology to aid in developing the Fire TV stick further. There are demo rooms where you can view Alexa’s handsfree function. Visitors are welcome to give her example phrases to complete in the demonstration.

Then, another demo showcases Fire TV’s audio capabilities with Dolby Atmos, giving the audience a firsthand look at the trailer for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series. The series will be the first from Amazon to be compatible with Dolby Atmos audio. 

fire tv

Visitors can come and cut the cord, experience full hands free command, and test drive some of Amazon’s most innovative products this year. On top of the tech, there  areseveral photo opportunities scattered throughout the tent: you can sit on the Iron Throne; lounge in Westeros; pick between the black or white hat in Westworld.

At each small station, visitors can scan their designated RFID bands that send information to you along with any pictures taken by the photographers on site.

Finally, once you’re done looking around, you can head through the door to stress-free streaming. Here you get a pair of wireless headphones and a mocktail to enjoy. You are free to wander around watching the trailer for Jack Ryan, or featurettes from Game of Thrones, or scenes from The Good Place, all wireless and free.

When you’ve finished your drink and your lounging, you can leave and grab your own Amazon Fire TV fanny pack as a souvenir of the experience! We highly recommend this experience as one of the most entertaining and relaxing experiences this year!

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