Fans of The Purge franchise rejoice because USA has brought one of the best little pop ups we’ve seen this year to SDCC 2018. Located off Tony Gwynn Drive not far from the convention center, Purge City is has a Party City-esque facade. But rather than just selling paper plates and party balloons they also sell home security systems, fun outfits, and everything else you’d need to either hunker down or enjoy yourself while celebrating the New Founding Fathers and the 28th Amendment.

All of the folks working at Purge City is 100% in character. You can chat with store employees about their favorite ways to celebrate the Purge and watch demos of products meant to make your Purge Night your best night. They’ll even recommend products. Can’t pick what t-shirt you want? Or maybe you need more information about a fire suppression unit for your home. Don’t worry, they have you covered!

It’s surreal and creepy which makes it all the more awesome.

Everyone who visits the pop-up gets twenty ‘purge dollars’ to spend as they choose. Not everything in the stores is for sale but you can pick between t-shirts, buttons, greeting cards, Purge Night candles, and more. you can even buy seeds for the blue flowers from the film and show your support for those who Purge. When you check out, you get a Purge City bag and balloon to take with you! (Presumably while supplies last.)

The pop-up promotes the latest installation in The Purge franchise, a 10-episode event set to premiere September 4, 2018 on USA. If you’re in San Diego this weekend you can visit the store yourself at 215 Tony Gwynn Dr. You’ll find a map right to the store on the back of the free, convention-exclusive Entertainment Weekly magazines that are being handed out in the Gaslamp District!

Happy Purge Night!

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