Fans asked for it and it is finally here: your chance to own Critical Role minis. 

We learned last week that Critical Role would be getting an upgrade including moving to its own studio. That news was exciting in and of itself. However, more exciting news came down this week. As of Tuesday there is a short-term Kickstarter campaign where fans can pledge to get full sets of minis of both Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein. 

Critical Role has partnered with Steamforged Games, one of the premiere custom mini makers. You might recognize their work from the Resident Evil 2 tabletop game or their work on Godtear. If you haven’t heard of them that’s okay too because you can see from the images shared on the Kickstarter that their work is insanely detailed and high quality. 

You’ll get your money’s worth with their minis. 

Unlike most Kickstarters, Steamforged Games and Critical Role decided to make the pledging system simple: there’s one pledge. It has everything. There are no add-ons, no stretch goals, just one bundle of Critical Role goodness for the price of $60 plus shipping. 

In this amazing bundle fans will receive: 

One (1) set of Vox Machina Minis (unpainted)
One (1) set of Mighty Nein Minis (unpainted)
Kickstarter exclusive Taryon + Doty 2.0 Minis (unpainted)
Kickstarter exclusive Pumat Prime + three (3) Pumat simulacrum (unpainted)

The math comes out to about $2.50/mini, which is a pretty typical price for normal Dungeons & Dragons minis when purchased from your local game shop. Steamforged Games and Critical Role are giving us a lot of bang for our buck with these customs minis. 

If that doesn’t convince you perhaps this will: this Kickstarter campaign was fully funded within a few hours and anyone who pledges now is guaranteed to get some of these sweet minis. 

Intimidated by the fact these are all unpainted? Never fear. Geek & Sundry has an awesome show on Alpha called Painters Guild to get you started. They have a free trial if you’re not ready to subscribe to the service that can get you started. 

Having trouble conceptualizing what else you might do with all these minis? I’ve got you covered. 

With these awesome minis you can…

  1. Reenact your favorite scenes from the first campaign with Vox Machina (including the infamous goldfish scene).
  2. Reenact your favorite scenes from the current campaign with the Mighty Nein (smear dirt on Caleb’s face, it is okay).
  3. Create new scenes or scenes straight out of your favorite fanfiction.
  4. Put them around your home in slightly obscured locations in order to unnerve guests.
  5. Cry over trying to paint Mollymauk’s mini correctly because Taliesin (who is a pyramid) likes to watch us suffer.
  6. Use them in your Tal’Dorei campaign to delight your players who are Critical Role fans.
  7. Anything else you can think of – they are your minis! Have fun with them!

If you want to get your hands on these amazing minis then you are going to want to act fast. The Kickstarter is set to end July 6th, 2018 which does not give fans a lot of time to hem and haw about pledging. 

Don’t worry though, if you miss out on this campaign the crew have said that there will likely be others as Critical Role continues to grow and flourish with everyone’s support. 

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