Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached the third stage of New York Comic Con badge buying. Hopefully, many of you managed to snag badges during the presale. For those who didn’t? Never fear. We’re here for you and we will help you get back on track. 

Odds are if you didn’t get a presale link and snag badges you weren’t fan verified. It is a new system put into place in recent years at New York Comic Con to try and curb scalping. Leading up to the presale fan verification was closed to those who did not already have a fan verified profile from 2016 or 2017. Those who did had to move them over in time to make the presale. 

Post-presale, New York Comic Con has once again opened up fan verification. It is important that you get on this as soon as possible to knock it off your to-do list before we see the general badge sale in mid-July. The best part is that is it easy, though we encourage you to still take your time as you fill out the necessary information.

To get started, head on over to the Fan Verification Application Page. There you can read a basic synopsis of what you need to do, why, and the terms and conditions around becoming fan verified. After that, you will be asked to enter your phone number in order to get a unique access code to begin the process. 

Once you’re in, follow the prompts. If you have questions, the staff at New York Comic Con have put together a very lovely FAQ page that you can check out. 

When you finish, you’ll be fan verified and ready to participate in the general sale happening on July 15th

There’s good news too for those who were already fan verified: even if you participated in the presale you’re allowed to participate in the general sale just like all the new fan verified participants. That means those Saturday badges that sold out will be replenished and up for grabs for you and your other fan verified friends. 

Remember though, you only have until July 8th to get registered. Miss that and you will not be allowed to buy badges this year and will have to miss out on the amazing experience of New York Comic Con. 

So go get fan verified! Right now! 

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