We’re two and a half months away from San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and though it feels like we never stopped prepping for it thanks to Comic-Con International’s decision to hold four badge sales in one year (returning registration 2017, open registration 2017, returning registration 2018, and open registration 2018) last year, we’re here to assure you that the event is near and the fun part of prepping is just beginning!

First and foremost, if you haven’t yet logged into your account and verified your shipping address, that needs to be done by May 14 or they cannot ship your badge out to you! Definitely make time to do this so that you don’t have to stand in line to get your badge and waste any precious convention time.

For con veterans and newbies alike, we’re bringing our SDCC Sundays posts every week from now until the convention in July. Every Sunday we’ll be posting a new or updated article centered around helping you have the best convention yet!

If you haven’t yet started putting money away to spend on everything (or almost everything) your heart desires in Artist’s Alley, stop by our (now-dated, but still) wildly popular article looking at an East Coaster’s costs when attending SDCC to get an idea of what you might need to save up. Then, take a trip down memory lane with our staff and read about some of our biggest regrets and best moments from a variety of past conventions!

To get you excited, revisit our tips on how to get the perfect shot with your smartphone, as well as lessons learned over six years of attending San Diego Comic Con or why we find San Diego Comic-Con to be so unique compared to other conventions. Our ode to the Hilton Bayfront is still valid, even though Hotelpocalypse has passed — be sure to visit the lobby of the hotel to see what they’ve got going on this year (last year it was Westworld sign-ups).

Last year, we thought about how we can make off-sites better experiences for everyone and the importance of leaving time in your schedule to be spontaneous during the convention (hint: scheduling everything down to the minute will only lead to unnecessary stress). And if you want to skip right to the grand finale, we have an easy checklist you can read over to make sure that you have all your bases covered.

As tradition dictates, we’re looking back at SDCC Sundays articles from previous years to get us pumped up for San Diego Comic-Con 2018! Read on to get some of our timeless tips right here.

Keep up with the Coverage

Three years later and this list is still filled with some of our favorite resources for getting the latest and greatest news about the convention! Be sure to bookmark a few of our friends as we get closer to the main event, as they’ll have just as much news to cover as we do. We highly recommend Friends of CCThe Unofficial SDCC Blog, and When Nerds Attack to keep you updated leading up to SDCC.

#SDCCfit & Healthy for the Convention

San Diego Comic Con may feel like it’s still so far off, but the reality is it’ll be here before we all know it. Check out this article for tips and tricks to getting in shape for the convention right now! Trust us, you won’t regret that extra trip up and down the stairs when you’re walking the multi-football field lengths of the Exhibit Hall floor.

Cosplay Considerations for the Convention

Written by the editor in chief at When Nerds Attack, here are some of the things to keep in mind when planning out your cosplay for SDCC. There is still plenty of time to get to work on some cosplay of your own and these tips can help you kickstart the process!

Your Comic-Con Team

Communication is going to keep you and your friends sane through five days of nonstop craziness, so make sure to discuss budgets, goals, and sleeping situations, among other things, with your group beforehand. You’ll thank us later. If you need an idea of where to start making a game plan, we’ve got some helpful roles defined here.

The Sinkhole of SDCC Swag

Stuff We All Get is always fun, but sometimes we can get bogged down in the free aspect of grabbing and going on the convention floor. This article lists some things to consider before you elbow your way to that giant foam Ash vs. Evil Dead chainsaw or pick up a million fliers you’re just going to use to fill up your hotel trashcan.

The Panel vs Signing Debate

Cake or cookies? Everyone has a preference on whether they’d like to attend the panel or the signing for their favorite show or movie. But for newbies who aren’t sure the time investment of either, this article is a good primer (for heartbreak).

Top 10 Tips for Navigating the Exhibit Hall Floor

As con-going veterans, we curated this list of tips using our years of combined experience and familiarity with the Exhibit Hall. It can be massive, crowded, and overwhelming, but it can also be the nerd gathering of your dreams and we want you to make the most of the experience.

The Evolution and Expansion of SDCC

Much like our lessons gathered over six years of attendance, this is a veteran attendee’s critical look at how quickly San Diego Comic-Con exploded. It’s still very much what we’re dealing with year after year as SDCC continues to grow in popularity and between 2016 and 2017 was no different from this retrospective look at where we stood in 2015.

Tell Us What You #CantConWithout

Use the hashtag #CantConWithout on twitter and let us know what your convention essentials consist of! Compared to when we first started attending cons, we think we’ve finally got exactly what we need in our bags to survive every day.

Things to Think About when Picking a Con Bag

To go along with things that you #CantConWithout is the quintessential con bag. Read some of our thoughts on picking out your survival gear for the convention season (and beyond). Don’t forget, there will be no steadier companion throughout the con than your bag!

Getting to SDCC the Cheap Way

For those fortunate enough to live on the west coast — or at least closer than the east coast — and can use a different mode of transportation (by choice) other than flying, we’ve got some great tips and recommendations here.

The Do’s And Don’ts of Con Life

After days on your feet, shuffling through crowds of people, sleeping less than you should, camping out, things can get tense. Here are a few friendly reminders about con etiquette and remembering to keep your cool in order to fully enjoy SDCC.

Prepping Your Phone for the Convention

There are few things that you’ll be more reliant on during the convention than your phone — to keep in touch with your friends, to scope out Twitter for swag, freebies, and celebrity sightings, to take pictures and tweet out to the world — and we’ve got some helpful tips and reminds about prepping it ahead of time. Check out our app suggestions as well as our thoughts on keeping your phone all charged up.

Twitter as a Tool for Enjoying the Con

If you only ever use it for San Diego Comic Con, get yourself a Twitter profile. You’ll be able to keep up on breaking news, panel seating, lines, and swag! Seriously, we live and die by the #SDCC hashtag during the convention.

Essential Tech Recs for Attendees and Press

After having experienced SDCC as both a regular attendee and as a member of the press for this very website, we’ve managed to pare down to the essentials with regards to what kind of technology we have to carry around every day. Find out what’s in our bags and remember, the more you carry, the less room you have to pick things up!

How to Rock the Con with a Badge for One Day

By now you’ve either felt the triumph or heartbreak of the badge sales. If you’re in the latter group, we’ve got some ideas on how to maximize your time with whatever days you managed to score. And there are always off-sites that we encourage everyone to take advantage of!

San Diego Comic-Con? How About San Diego Book-Con!

It’s true that there are plenty of studios that descend upon SDCC with their movies and television shows these days, but have you ever stopped to consider the publishers that the convention attracts every year? This article tells you what to expect from the publishers of some of your favorite books — including booths, giveaways, signings and panels!

Where to Eat at San Diego Comic Con

You’re tired, you’re hungry, and you’re not inclined to walk very far… We’ve got your restaurant suggestions right here. Taking into account tastes, location, and prices, we’ve outlined some of our favorite places to catch a bite to eat during the convention!

Attractions Outside the Convention Center

Speaking of off-sites, here are a few that tie into beautiful San Diego and don’t require a badge! Make the most of your trip by experiencing all the location has to offer. This article is a great place to start.

Enjoy San Diego Before and After the Convention

If you’re headed to San Diego earlier than July 18 or perhaps staying later than July 22, we’ve got some suggestions for adventuring, sight-seeing, and more outside of that small part of San Diego we all see once a year. After all, you’re on vacation! It should feel like a vacation!

Check back every Sunday between now and San Diego Comic Con for a new article in our SDCC Sundays series! Or you can peruse our SDCC Sundays category for other informative articles that will help you to become a convention pro before you ever step foot inside the Exhibit Hall!

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