Title: RWBY
Series: RWBY Vol. 1 
Created By:
 Monty Oum
Manga Creator: Shirow Miwa
Release Date: January 16, 2018 
Publisher: VIZ Media
Review Spoilers: Low
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RWBY has been a sensation that once confused and then excited me. When the anime first came out, I wondered what the attraction was. But after binge-watching seasons one and two, I can clearly see how riveting the story and art are. The manga version of RWBY is no exception.

I adored this manga. Firstly, the art was fabulous with enticing scenes on every page. You can see how much work went into this book. I’ll admit, I was skeptical about a manga based off of an American show. There’s still a stigma about how well American-made manga/anime is, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m always hesitant. I didn’t want this manga to change how I viewed the excellence Rooster Teeth had made on my screen.

This was not at all the case with this manga. From the art to the story, I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, the art reminded me a lot of Persona’s city-style look. The action scenes, which there are a lot of, are incredibly detailed and easy to follow. Not a single panel is out of place. The only thing I can criticize is that sometimes the dialogue is hard to follow in terms of figuring out who is speaking. But after a second read through, it’s really not that big of an inconvenience.

The story is essentially the anime condensed, which I greatly admired. I appreciated that it didn’t slow down anything and jumped quickly into the plot. This could be a disadvantage to those who haven’t watched the anime before, but it also can help you catch up on the show as well. I enjoyed that I could refresh the plot in my mind and still feel entertained. 

Action anime can sometimes be hard to follow when there is little dialogue and all punch. With RWBY, it can be even more difficult as the fight scenes are heavily reliant on team skills. With this manga, you don’t have an issue figuring out what’s going on or the key points with each fight. 

Ruby is still the lovable dork we all know, and if anything, is even more quirky in her new manga debut. We get this insight on both her and each of her team members, noting what each of them stands for and what their own individual goals are. I’ll admit, I cried a little re-reading some of the stories and remembering just why each of the girls became huntresses in the first place. If you’ve seen the original series, be prepared for old wounds to be opened. If you’re new to it, welcome to a whole new world of feels. 

This Viz Media production was excellent and a great testament to the original show. I loved reading it and couldn’t put it down; it was far too entertaining and beautiful to look at. If you’re looking to expand your RWBY collection, you absolutely need this manga to complete it!

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