Synopsis of 5×03: The team continues to unravel the mysteries of the future, and perhaps, the multiverse?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is expanding the Marvel Universe. Whether this means they are completely outside the wheelhouse or are creating an explanation for the new merger between Disney and Fox remains to be seen.

A heavy-handed recurrence in these first few episodes is the number 616. Is this some attempt to draw in the alternate universes? Or is this simply a numbered easter egg for Marvel fans?

Most likely, given the film franchises near constant distancing from the Marvel television shows (except for brief incorporations of Agent Carter), it seems unlikely that this is really any connection to the films. However, perhaps this will be SHIELD’s way of explaining their own existence. They exist outside of the general MCU.

Regardless, this series is certainly spreading its proverbial wings.

The team is still struggling with the new realities of the future. After being seemingly “quaked” apart, the earth has fallen to the Kree, who make everything blue, literally and figuratively. Kind of. The leader is clearly making backdoor deals, giving young Inhumans the chance to serve as ambassadors. Ambassadors of what though? Death. They are being sold as warriors. No matter how young. No matter how innocent. And Jemma is helping him to do it, however unwittingly.

Speaking of Inhumans, Daisy is as strong-willed as ever, ignoring the warnings of Deke (still not Hawkeye’s neighbor), forging ahead to rescue Jemma, and wreaking some havoc. Chloe Bennet certainly has some impressive fight scenes, but that is cut drastically short when Deke turns out to be exactly what you would expect: someone who is only looking out for his own best interests. Now captured, it is likely up to the remaining team to break her out and set the world right.

Luckily, Yo-Yo has the good sense, with the insistence of Mack, to keep her powers under wraps, only using them momentarily when her transponder is removed, preparing for the possibility of planting evidence. And plant some evidence she does. After Coulson and squad (sans Jemma, sans Daisy, and sans Fitz) board a ship, hoping to find the location of a communiqué from the surface of earth, from area 616.

Assured that no life can possibly survive on the surface, an idea that is reinforced by the almost cruel death of an, albeit, bad guy, Coulson still seems set on uncovering whatever it was or whoever it is that Virgil was speaking with. Perhaps something lurks across the surface of the earth. Perhaps some heroes of a by-gone era? Of an era when Brian Michael Bendis still wrote for Marvel before abandoning us fans to the likes of Spencer?

Oh right. Back to SHIELD. Likely this story is leading towards some sort of rebellion. Perhaps Daisy will redeem herself in the eyes of the future, saving the world after having decimated it before. Or perhaps the team will return to their own time and stop the destruction seemingly caused by Daisy.

All I know is that I hope Fitz shows up soon. It’s not the same without him. At least we got our first look at Flint.

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