Hosted on The Ringer podcast network, House of Carbs fulfills all your food podcasting dreams. From running a 16 bracket food showdown to find the best Thanksgiving side dish to interviewing movers and shakers in the food world, this food podcast is not only entertaining on the daily commute but perfect for the holiday season when we’ve all got food on the mind.

I really don’t think anyone else tops Joe House when it comes to the perfect combination of food knowledge and radio voice. House of Carbs host and DMV — the DC, Maryland, Virginia area for those of you who don’t know — native, House spends each week tackling a different topic in the food world. Although The Ringer has a stronghold on topics like sports news and pop culture, House of Carbs shows not only a dedicated and verbose knowledge of food culture but presents it in a non-pretentious way.

With the first episode airing July 5th of this year, this is a relatively young podcast but I found myself consuming each episode — no pun intended — after discovering it. With a feature and a food news section with Juliet Litman, the episode is segmented in a way that adds variety. From conversations about what makes a proper office party to breaking down food films to the evolution of airport food, it’s not just tasting food or specific restaurants or cuisines, House of Carbs is simply about food. As a lifelong lover of food and frequent traveler, I love House’s conversations with his guests from all over the country. House is educated in the food world which gives him credibility and justifies his opinion, though he isn’t afraid to admit ignorance and learn new things making the show genuine and relatable. Despite the radio voice that House puts on, he’s personable as a host and you feel as welcome as his guests while listening.

It’s clear that House and “food news anchor” Litman both hail from the sports world, and as only a casual sports fan I initially found it a little daunting listening to their chatter interspersed with sports analogies and news but both hosts have the charisma and personality to beat out any alienation for any non-sports foodies who find House of Carbs.

In a time of travel and food and sports, I can think of no better podcast to recommend than House of Carbs. The episode typically breaks down into an hour each and feature guests like David Chang, Von Miller, Alvin Cailan, and, of course, Bill Simmons. Just under twenty-five episodes, get yourself to iTunes and subscribe to House of Carbs to get in on this immensely entertaining and surprisingly educational podcast.


House asks his guests what their last meal would be, and since I will probably never be a guest on the show, I’ll take this time to say that my last meal would be chirashi, Shanghainese soup dumplings, a Cantonese winter soup called ching po leung, marinated galbi, Halal chicken over rice with tons of lettuce and white sauce, and a protein style triple double with animal style fries.


I, too, have eaten a Twix like Mallory Rubin and I understand.

I judged Jon Favreau’s Chef up until the food movie episode, then I decided to give it a shot and now I hate that I enjoy it.

Belly sourced and taste buds are the two best word puns.

Gravy should stick with turkey, no one sane likes turkey without gravy.

Chinese sticky rice stuffing is the best, but so is Stouffers.

Thanks, I’ve definitely bookmarked another ten restaurants after listening to this podcast

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