Synopsis of 13×07: There are plenty of old friends and foes revisited in this episode, least of all Lucifer – who thinks he might be able to save the world and stop the next Big Bad? 

“War of the Worlds” opens with some breathtaking scenery of Chuck’s creation of the world to Michael, who trapped him in a metal body cage.  Michael does some mind voodoo and rifles through Lucifer’s memories to inform Lucifer that he knows what he fears most, which is being locked back in the cage.

Kevin Tran (I love Osric and so glad that they brought him back) makes an appearance as the overly anxious prophet who is attempting to use Lucifer’s grace to go back to Lucifer’s world. This, of course, does not go according to plan. Lucifer outsmarts them and jumps through the portal. Lucifer pops back into his reality and people assume that he is crazy and homeless.

Lucifer, Michael, and Kevin verbally sparring back and forth and their interactions were pretty great to see.

Meanwhile, Dean, Sam and Cas are on the search for Jack, as is Asmodeus. Castiel decies to trust the angels, because that always goes well for him. The angels decide to try to kidnap Castiel to lure Jack to Heaven to create more angels. Lucifer pops back up and saves him with the best line of the episode, “We have a situation. We sorta are all going to die.”

The two sit in a bar together and Lucifer attempts to convince Castiel that a big bad is coming. Castiel, in turn, decides to call Dean to let them know what is happening, which elicited some witty commentary from Lucifer, who also figures out that they lost his kid. ( “Oh my dad, you have no idea where he is.”)

Lucifer’s character is hands down one of the best this season, as he has remained pretty consistent to his original characterization and has provided much needed humor amidst the Jack angst.

Dean and Sam go on a hunt after discovering a bunch of witches have been murdered. While investigating the murders, they realize that they are searching for Ketch. Dean and Sam find Ketch, who is claiming to be his twin brother. Dean doesn’t buy it for a second, and Ketch finally comes clean and admits that Rowena used her magic to resurrect him. Dean realizes Cas is in trouble and they go to the bar, only to be ambushed by Asmodeus’ demons.

Asmodeus, as Cas, calls Dean and the episode concludes with Lucifer and Cas locked in cages in Hell.

Overall, the episode had many moving parts that seemed to progress the overall story arc rather quickly. Although there was progression of story, the episode seemed overly busy with the introduction of so many characters and the relationships between characters felt rather water downed.

There were a few moments throughout the episode that felt like there could be more, but then scenes changed to focus on a different part of the story. Although the reintroduction of our old favs has been exciting, this season is feeling very much like fan appeasement before a series finale.

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