Synopsis of 2×06: The ladies are taking the lead here on Dirk Gently, coming into their own and kicking butt!

This season, the show is really hitting it’s quirky stride and I’m loving it!

This week’s episode is called “Girl Power,” so let’s focus on what the ladies were up to. Farrah woke up on the floor with no pants on, in the arms of the ever adorably awkward Todd. Tina brought the whole party to the station, and Bart was completely left out.

Poor Bart, she’s not really getting anywhere this season. She’s too afraid of her own universal gifts to head back out into the world. And her new pink-haired boo, Prince Trost, keeps complimenting her and telling her to join him in Wendimoore. He might not be Ken (who’s out of the cab and working/running Blackwing), but he is a welcome addition to this season’s cast of characters.

Suzie is using her powers for her own gain. As the Mage’s apprentice she’s got to have a glowing future, right? Wrong, at least according to the Mage. Once he discovered Arnold’s drawings, he realizes how useless his hold in Wendimoore is since he’s boiled down to a child’s wall art. Suzie, on the other hand, zaps her son into a frog and refuses to believe that her reign of glory was over before it began. So she sets out to complete her mission: kill Dirk Gently.

Dirk, having spent the night in a pink feather boa, is feeling down. Things aren’t working out the way he thought. Arnold the man isn’t the boy and besides, Arnold is in the hospital. When Dirk and friends go to see Arnold, Suzie comes to kill them all.

Suzie’s powers are pretty incredible by the way. She gets shot in the head and removes the bullet with magic. What? Magic! She also takes out Arnold by shooting sharp magical shapes. Then she gets taken out by Mr. Priest, who’s speaking to Ken. A lot of worlds collide in one hospital. Too bad most of them are evil.

What else is happening in terms of Girl Power? Amanda keeps training with the Watki Wapnasi. She learns to use her illness to create incredible realities. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that the Watki Wapnasi has a secret she’s keeping.

Amanda is also the new de facto leader of the Rowdy Three, having been given permission by Martin. She commands that they search for an army that she foresees. Then there’s a nice long lingering shot on the (presumed-to-be-Boy) Fenar Dengamore.

And finally, in the end, the Mage waxed poetic to zombie Bob about how he might take over this earth instead of returning to Wendimoore. Then who should walk through the door, covered in blood? Suzie, demanding to go to Wendimoore and rule. I love her and her idiosyncratic drive to rule!

But it’s really the ending that’s the set up to everything. Suzie’s killing spree in the hospital that leaves Arnold (and many others) dead sends Dirk into a depression spiral. It’s up to Todd to get him out of his funk. Mr. Priest doesn’t help, attacking the trio as they attempt to find passage to Windemoore. Farrah does her best to defend our helpless male duo, but alas she’s knocked out in one blow.

Despite Todd’s best efforts, Dirk is unable to get out of his funk. Terror is the only thing that can break his stupor, and escape through a Murphy bed does just the trick as Mr. Priest creeps up the stairs. Give Alan Tudyk all the awards for the terrifying villainous sidekick!

Did the escape plan work? Find out next episode!

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