Synopsis of 8×03: The first character casualty of All Out War comes as Rick starts to question his own tactics and the Kingdom finds the gun everyone is looking for.

Picking up where last week’s episode left off, this season so far has just been a series of skirmishes more or less. King Ezekiel rallies the Kingdom to take on the Saviors, even though they know they’re coming. His speech jumps back and forth into the future when they do successfully ambush a bunch of Saviors, gunning them down with ease.

Rick and Morales continue to have the world’s least happy reunion, as he reveals to Rick that the orders are not to kill him, “the widow or the King.” When Rick questions his family’s whereabouts, it’s no surprise that Morales made it and they did not. Rick tells him all of the people they’ve lost over the years, explaining that the widow is Glenn’s wife, but Morales still feels indebted to the Saviors. To really beat this horse to death, he tells Rick that, “Officer Friendly died right along with them.”

Aaron’s group is still dealing with the Saviors, but not for long once the call goes out to return to the building. They turn and run from Aaron’s group, leaving them confused, but headed in pursuit. Meanwhile, Aaron shares a heartfelt moment with a mortally wounded Eric. They have a heart to heart before Eric convinces him to return to the fight alone.

Tara, Jesus, and Morgan are escorting the surrendered Saviors from their outing back to the Hilltop for Maggie – only Jesus is happy about this. The Savior who killed Benjamin heckles Morgan and they’re soon set upon by walkers. With the Saviors tied up, they aren’t helpful and one group of them actually manages to escape. Morgan catches up to them, killing one without a second thought before he’s stopped by Jesus. Morgan almost immediately turns the gun on Jesus and they end up fighting, with Morgan trying to kill him and Jesus trying to wear him down.

Before any Saviors can come upon a disarmed Rick, Daryl finds them. When Morales turns around to see him, Rick tries to stop Daryl from embedding a crossbow bolt into his neck. Daryl knew exactly who it was, but didn’t think it mattered and carries on unbothered. After a brief skirmish in some fire extinguisher clouds, Rick and Daryl are reunited with Aaron’s group.

After having abandoned Gabriel and escaped in his car, Gregory begs to be let into the Hilltop. With some manipulative groveling and a denial of knowing Gabriel, Maggie lets him in. Enid is weary of this decision, but they don’t have much time to discuss it because Jesus shows up with the Saviors. No one really wants them there, but Jesus is adamant that they can be locked in some trailers and guarded 24/7. I’m sure that will go really well.

With the dust settled, Rick takes more Polaroid pictures of the decimated Saviors outpost. Aaron goes to collect Eric, only to see a bloodstain and a shambling walker wandering off. He can’t bring himself to kill Eric though. Crying and upset, he offers to take baby Gracie to the Hilltop and to update Maggie on their progress.

Once they leave, it’s only Rick and Daryl left behind to finish up. A lone gunman takes a shot at them from cover and Rick promises to let him live if he’ll come out and answer their questions. He tells Rick and Daryl that they had a heads up about the ambush and that the guns were moved the day before. But when he asks to leave, Daryl shoots him in the head. This is another action that bothers Rick, who gave his word that the young guy could go unharmed.

After dispatching a second and third team of Saviors, it feels like smooth sailing for the Kingdom – something which Ezekiel comments on. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Carol offers to sweep the compound, while the rest of the Kingdom wanders through the open field dispatching of the reanimating Saviors. It’s at that moment that Ezekiel notices the heavy artillery from a window of the building. The Saviors open fire, plenty of people from the Kingdom get mowed down, more get shot throwing themselves on Ezekiel to protect him, and their good luck has finally run out…

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