Synposis of 2×03: This week’s Dirk Gently was largely a set-up episode. Not quite filler, not quite exposition. Just slowly moving the pieces into play for the larger action to come. Ho Hum…

The small things are revelations; like the man in the tree with two holes in his head, or the lady in the car having two broken fingers. But how small can that be if it’s the name of the episode?

Or maybe the title refers to Mr. Priest breaking Vogel’s fingers. Because of course the duo in the non-conspicuous car get caught first. But they’re caught at Suzie’s husband’s motel and they disappear before Mr. Priest can take them in. Was it the girl with green eyes? Also, shout out to Vogel’s fight scene. Osric Chau, the actor who plays Vogel, is IRL an actual martial artist. And here we just thought he was just an adorable vampire sidekick!

There’s also something to consider about the encrypted discs Ken is charged with decoding. Maybe he’ll get out of the car. Maybe he’ll find out more about Bart and where to find her. Or maybe it’ll come to light that Friedkin is an incompetent boob whose good ideas have all come from Ken anyway.

But the biggest piece put into play is the prophesy. Having caught the pink-haired Prince Panto, we finally hear the whole tale of the Mage, the boy, and Dirk. Of course there are still a lot of questions. But I’m pretty sure we just got the groundwork for this whole season laid out for us. And the Internet being what it is, the audience might figure the whole plot out sooner that its producers would like.

For example, the “apprentice” is obviously Suzie. Which isn’t the most surprising reveal, and I hope, this part comes true sooner rather than later. No, the big reveal is that of Suzie’s car crash. Turns out she’s a former prom queen who crashed with a car full of kids while on Xanax. If that’s not a suburban set-up, I don’t know what is.

Suzie and the Mage joining force sounds like the most fun thing to watch this season, especially if Bart’s life-long killing spree is being curtailed and the Rowdy Three are unconscious at Blackwing.

Oh yeah, Bart is back! She’s just chilling in a jail cell, making hilarious comments and learning that there’s more than one Ken in the world. She’s also killing fewer people, trying to better herself and all that. Which I think might work against her own connectivity in the world. I mean, she’s a holistic assassin. Killing everyone (but Ken) was working for her. Killing only some people left Suzie alive and, well… we’ll see how that goes.

And finally, in Wendimoor, another pink-haired citizen (aka Pronth’s sister Litzibitz) laments about the prophesy, the Mage, and the boy. But her farming community is really doing deals with the Mage in order to possess Earth-world guns in order to fight their war against Dengdamor. There’s a lot of “he-said-she-said; he-killed-they-killed” going on in Dengdamor and the sooner Dirk finds the boy the less confused I’ll be.

This week wasn’t nearly as exciting as last week. But it was a necessary setup for the weeks to come. At least Bart is back and Ken has something to do.

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