Synopsis of 13×03Supernatural brings back another season one favorite, Missouri Mosley, as Dean separates from Sam and Jack to help her and Jodi with a wraith.

Missouri calls Sam after a wraith murders a psychic. Sam decides Jodi can handle the situation, as he and Dean are needed at the bunker to watch and teach Jack how to be good.

Not wanting to deal with the Jack situation, Dean leaves and meets Jodi and Missouri. There’s some banter back and forth between Dean and Missouri. As they walk the scene, Missouri receives a vision that the wraith is going to go after her family and asks Dean to go to Georgia to protect them.

Missouri’s son wants nothing to do with her and does not believe that a monster is after his daughter. Dean and Jodi go to Georgia to protect her granddaughter, while Missouri confronts and is killed by the wraith.

Patience has a nightmare about being attacked by the wraith, which comes to fruition. Patience fends off the wraith long enough for Dean and Jodi save the day. Dean explains that Patience is a psychic and she tells them that her grandmother had a falling out with her father.

Meanwhile back at the bunker, Jack explains to Sam that he knows he’s evil because Dean believes it. Jack tells Sam that Dean promised to kill him. Irritated with Dean, Sam explains to Jack that he is there to help him like he was when Sam felt that he was evil.

Patience and her father have a big blow out over James lying to her about her grandmother. As she storms upstairs to pack a bag, the wraith pops out of the closet and kidnaps Patience. The wraith delivers his big bad speech. Patience has a vision about Dean, Jodi, and James rescuing her and all were killed. They come to the rescue and Patience saves them, and the Wraith is killed.

Grumpy Dean discourages Patience from getting involved in hunting because it only leads to death and unhappiness. Jodi, on the other hand, offers Patience her card and encourages her to do what she feels is right.

When Dean arrives back home, Sam confronts Dean about what he told Jack. Dean’s grief and anger over the loss of Castiel and Mary finally bubbles over, which is Dean’s underlying reason to keep Jack away. Jack overhears this outburst about Castiel, and Castiel is hanging out in darkness.

Though Jodi was in this episode, she didn’t have much of a role other than backup and support for Dean. If this is the backdoor pilot episode for Wayward Sisters, I was hoping for a little bit more. This episode itself was missing its spark and was somewhat lackluster, though the sincerity of Sam’s desire to help Jack resonated with earlier seasons of Supernatural.

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