Synopsis of 02×01: As Fred’s life hangs in the balance following the shooting at Pop’s diner, Archie struggles with the emotional aftermath of what he witnessed. Veronica learns her father has arrived in town earlier than expected; Pop Tate’s story leaves Jughead and Betty questioning the gunman’s motives.

The first season of Riverdale was absolutely binge-worthy. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning. Archie Comics turned into a show like Riverdale? I watched it because of my love for Betty and Veronica, and Archie too—and I’m so thrilled I did because I’m hooked.

At the end of season one (which was insane) Jason Blossom’s murder was finally resolved. Cheryl’s father was behind it all along and killed himself. Cheryl was overwhelmed by the truth of it all and tried to ease her pain by trying to drown herself. Archie saved her life and with it Cheryl became reborn in a sense. She took control of her life, got rid of her dad, and set fire to her home (that’s right) all so she could have a fresh start. Betty gave Veronica her blessing to date Archie (yay).

FP got arrested and Jughead was forced to change schools and live with a foster family on the Southside. At the Jubliee, Archie sang his heart out on stage with the PussyCat Dolls, but who was he really singing to? Betty delivered a moving speech about Riverdale and how the people who live there need to do better.

Then things quickly got steamy for the couples, Veronica and Archie had sex while her mom was asleep in the next room. Betty and Jughead were about to get real intimate when the South Side Serpents showed up and welcomed him into the family. The next morning, Archie went to Pop’s diner to have breakfast with his dad. Everything changed when a burglar shot his father.

Betty fills in her mom about what she and the others did after the Jubilee over breakfast. She mentions that she went back to Jughead’s trailer. Which I have to admit was way too honest if you ask me, but I think Betty only told her to get a reaction out of her. Surprisingly, all her mom cared about was whether or not she used protection. Betty admitted they didn’t get that far because the South Side Serpents showed up. Before they could continue the conversation, Betty’s phone rang, it was Archie, and he filled her in on what happened.

Why did Archie call Betty and not his girlfriend, Veronica? I mean he did just leave her house… that’s all I’m saying. Anyway, Betty phones Veronica and then Jughead to fill them in on what’s happened. They all race to the hospital to be with Archie.

When they arrive the trio hugs Archie while the adults check-in with the doctors. They report back what we already know, Fred is in surgery, and they won’t know more for a couple of ours. Archie excuses himself from the group to call his mom and fill her in on what’s going on. 

Meanwhile, Veronica confesses to Betty that she doesn’t think she is capable of being a good girlfriend to Archie right now. There are just certain things she can’t deal with and grief is definitely something she can’t handle. Betty on the other hand has complete faith in her and gives her a pep talk.

When Archie returns the doctor tells him that his dad is out of surgery and they were able to remove the bullet. However, Fred isn’t breathing on his own. Archie wants to see his father, but the doctor tells him he’ll have to wait until he’s placed in a room. Archie’s ready to explode when Veronica pipes up and claims it’s a good time for him to go home, shower and change clothes.

He clearly disagrees and is about to snap on her when the doctor says it’ll take a couple hours before his dad will be placed in a room. Betty then backs up Veronica and says it’s a good idea for him to head home and also grab clean clothes for his father. 

Archie takes a shower and rinses his father’s blood off. Veronica doesn’t know how to comfort him so she decides to strip down and join him in the shower. Obviously Archie isn’t going to turn down shower sex, I mean who would? 

Once he’s dressed, he joins Veronica as she lays out all of his father’s belongings. He asks her where his father’s wallet is, and she tells him it wasn’t in the bag. Then he personally checks his father’s coat where it should’ve been but isn’t. Archie lashes out at Veronica and tries to push her away. At first she starts to walk away but then she convinces herself to stop and stay. Veronica tells him she’s not willing to leave no matter what he says. Way to go Veronica, she’s changed so much, and all for love!

Meanwhile, Betty and Kevin spot Cheryl at the hospital. They jump up to find out what’s going on with her and Cheryl fills them in about what happened to her mom after the Jubilee. There was a fire and her mother ran inside to save Cheryl’s life (she was asleep) and suffered third degree burns and acute smoke inhalation. Of course she delivers this all with a smile on her face leaving Betty and Kevin with stunned looks on their faces.

I mean please tell me they know she is lying. But the real mystery is, what really happened to Cheryl’s mom? At the end of the season finale, they were both perfectly fine outside of the house. Did Cheryl drag her mother back into that fire? 

The sheriff calls Archie in to the station to look at possible suspects in his father’s shooting. Archie looks at perp after perp and none of them fit the description. Veronica heads back to the hospital to join the others while they wait for updates on Fred and for Archie to return. She convinces Betty and Jughead to look for Fred’s wallet at Pop’s.

Archie finally returns to the hospital and is greeted by his teammates and then arrives and The PussyCats who are all praying his father pulls through. Afterward he reveals to his friends that he’s a coward. That he could’ve done something to help his father, but instead he dropped to his knees and closed his eyes. Most likely long enough for the perp to steal his father’s wallet.

Shortly after, Archie returns to his father’s room and watches Cheryl kiss his father on the forehead. She claims that Archie gave her the kiss of life when he saved her and she was just returning the favor. Fred has been fighting his way back to life the entire time. He dreamed about saving Archie and the next thing you know, Fred actually did wake up after that kiss.

By night time, Fred is back at home along with Archie’s mom. She’s planning to stay to help nurse him back to health and to take care of her son. While Archie has silently made a vow to protect his family by any means necessary. He sits below the stairs in his house with a bat waiting for trouble to strike.

The lyrics so you want to start a war play and are so perfectly apt! Veronica reaches home and finds her father has arrived back home early. He claims he came to surprise her but she wasn’t home. She kisses her father hello and adds that Fred pulled through and is awake. Her parents say nothing… but that silence speaks volumes.

And surprise, surprise, Miss Grundy is still up to her naughty tricks with high school boys it seems. But not for long as the masked man murdered her. 

Who could possibly be targeting everyone Archie Andrew’s loves? Does this mean they will go after his friends next? It appears things are much bigger than what I initially expected, and maybe Haram isn’t the one behind it all. 

This was a great premiere episode and I am so looking forward to all of the dark twists this season!

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