Fanfaire NYC 2018 starts tomorrow and is gearing up to be a wonderful break from the dreary winter routine. We’re going to be in attendance and if you still don’t know what is going down this weekend, you can check out all the details here. 

Below you will find a list of the things we are excited to see including panels, guests, and events. You can find the full schedule for the faire here. Please note that some of the panels and events require registration, which you can do through the site. 

Panels & Workshops

Comic Process (Saturday)
10:30A – 1:30P

Watch as famed comic book artists take a drawing through completion: Penciling, Inking, and finally Coloring. Come and ask questions about what the process is all about and get some advice on how you can one day do the same. Open to all!

Guests: Ron Wilson, Zeea Adams
Room: Sky Galler, 10th Floor

3D Printing (Saturday)
12:30P – 1:30P

See how the 3D printing process goes from concept to creation in this fun interactive workshop where you will meet award-winning toy designer, Dave Cortes.

Guest: Dave Cortes
Room: Classroom 2, 10th Floor

Appel Farm – Envision your Future – Vision Boards (Saturday)
11:00A – 12:00P, 2:00P – 3:00P

Participants will create a dynamic, visual representation of their own unique dream of their future – a Vision Board! Prompted by the statement, “Today a student, tomorrow a ___________(fill in the blank)”, participants will use a collage of materials, including decorative and colored papers, magazines and tissue paper, to design a Vision Board that uses images and words to tell the story of their future selves. Finished Vision Boards will serve as a visual reminder and inspiration to continue to strive to reach their goals.

Page to Screen: Script Breakdown for Production (Saturday)
5:00P – 6:00P

Have you always been interested in a career in TV or Film? Christa Pagliei (Mr. Robot, Succession) will be hosting a script workshop where she will teach you how a script breaks down as it heads into the production phase. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the film/tv industry!

Moderator: Tatiana Teixeira, Animation Senior, HS of Art & Design
Guest: Christa Pagliei
Room: Classroom 2, 10th Floor

Freelance isn’t Free – How to Build Yourself as an Artist and Run a Business (Sunday)
10:30A – 11:30A

You’re a one-person creative machine – how do you make a living? Come listen and ask questions as these freelancers explain the ins and outs of being an artist in today’s job market. Learn how to value your skills and apply yourself in the marketplace.

Moderator: Josh Adams
Guest: Dave Cortes, Mike Holmes, Dez Ryan
Room: Auditorium – LL2

How to be a D&D Dungeon Master (Sunday)
12:30P – 1:30P

Crawling through dungeons has been the stuff of fantasy role-playing for decades, but of all the participants the most skilled is the Dungeon Master – the voice in the sky that leads you and your companions on wonderful trips through imagination. Come chat with Mark Farley, who’s been DM’ing since the 1970’s! Hear his advice on how you can also lead successful campaigns that will keep you and your friends for a long long time.

Moderator: Jason Budiandri, Junior and President of the HS of Art & Design D&D Club
Guest: Mark Farley, Stefan Pokorny, Adrian Garcia
Room: Classroom 2, 10th Floor

High School to Career (Sunday)
1:30P – 2:30P

For our NYC Students – meet graduates of both Art & Design and other NYC public schools as they describe the challenges they faced once they graduated. What did the system prepare them for and what did it NOT prepare them for.

Moderator: Chris Martens
Guest: Dez Ryan, Stephan DeStefano, Ron Wilson, Jon Henry
Room: Auditorium – LL2

Comic Process (Sunday)
1:30P – 4:30P

Watch as famed comic book artists take a drawing through completion: Penciling, Inking, and finally Coloring. Come and ask questions about what the process is all about and get some advice on how you can one day do the same. Open to all!

Guests: Mike Lilly, Bob Almond, Tom Chu
Room: Sky Gallery, 10th Floor


11:00A – 3:00P

Stefan Pokorny, Founder and CEO of DWARVEN FORGE, world’s foremost terrain makers for games like Dungeons and Dragons and famed Game Master wants to give you the chance to win Valorian Gold coins! Come see the Epic 3D models and miniatures, no experience needed! A must see Theatrical experience! Can YOU SURVIVE the DUNGEON and win some Coin?

In the Theatre, victi….er… players wanted, onlookers welcome.

Guests:  Stefan Pokorny, Mark Farley
Room: Blackbox Theatre LL2

Portfolio Review (Saturday)
Various Times – See SCHEDULE

Throughout the weekend various professionals from the fields of photography, fashion, and more willing to review your portfolio. These reviews are one-on-one and provide a unique experience for attendees looking to break into their chosen field or improve their craft. Check out the schedule for a full list of times and types of reviews. 

Cosplay Competition (Sunday)
4:00P – 6:00P

It’s that time, where fashion meets fiction! Who out there will have the best costume, the best skills, the best moves, and the best presentation? Cheer on our contestants as they strut their stuff and do the superhero walkway. Who will win the top prize? Come one, come all! 

Guests: Erin Black, Ryane Disken-Cahill


There are more guests coming than we could ever hope to list, so please check out the guest list to see who will be tabling, participating in panels/workshops, and who will be at the convention being awesome. 

Have you bought your tickets? If not, you can grab them HERE for Fanfaire NYC 2018 this weekend, February 24th & 25th.

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