RECOIL is the newest attempt to draw adults into the realm of play. While it may be, at face value, simply a laser tag game system, it is actually something quite technologically advanced, which adds to the insane fun that can be had. Think Pokemon Go (if it were good) meets laser tag. 

The technological side of things comes in the form of the RECOIL Wifi Game Hub, which allows players’ phones to connect to the system. This item is placed at the center of the field of play and allows the game to orient your gameplay.

The guns themselves have a recoil mechanism adding to the literal feel of the game. And a phone app augments the entire system, allowing players to view how many bullets remain, where cache drops are, and where respawn locations are.

Yes, respawn locations. This is a video game come to life. 

There are also grenades (although we did not test those), but they work under a similar principle in that they are connected to the game’s wifi system and when it goes off, those close to it are killed, causing a respawn. 

This was, honestly, one of the most fun systems I’ve ever used. A tried and true Nerf fan, this added enough exhilarating new elements (and avoids the possibility of blinding my friends with darts) that it is definitely worth the somewhat hefty price-tag.

The starter kit includes the game hub and two of the RECOIL weapons. And while the fun definitely increases with the increase in players, it is still a delight with only two players. I got my mom to run around her house playing. You should have seen the smile on her face.

You can set a general size of the play field and then battle for your life! Chase friends. Shoot them. Feel the power of the RECOIL. And in the end no one gets hurt and everyone goes home happy (unless some of your friends are sore losers).

If you do decide to invest in this system (and you really should), be prepared for exhausting battles through the wastelands of your office, home, or backyard, since you can play literally anywhere. Get active while still feeling like you’re just a nerd who is gaming. It’s honestly the best possibility. ‘The World is Now Game.’ What an apropos slogan. So get to it.

The world is your battlefield. 

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