Synopsis of 01×08: Rumors of layoffs at Scarlet sweep through the office leaving everyone unsettled; Jane learns of a potential opportunity at a rival publication. Sutton is given a big opportunity when a coworker buckles under pressure. Kat is tasked with organizing a “Readers Night” for Scarlet, but is distracted by thoughts of Adena – leading to a big decision. Jane talks Sutton and Kat into joining her on a dating app. 

Previously on The Bold Type, Kat fired her social media assistant; Jane broke things off with Pinstripe and decided she’s ready for love; Sutton and Richard mutually decided to part ways. 

This week’s episode kicks off with Kat showing up at Sutton and Jane’s apartment because she has bedbugs. The girls make her strip down to her underwear before they let her in and are eager to snap photos of her to tease her about it later. Kat doesn’t have a problem undressing outside and doesn’t bat an eye when the next door neighbor steps out to throw away the trash. 

Since all the ladies are single, Jane convinces Sutton and Kat to do a group dating app. She’s excited and ready to find love. Kat decides it’s a good idea and wants to date a guy to help get over Adena. Sutton doesn’t think she’s quite ready to date, but lets Jane sign her up anyway. 

Things take a turn when they arrive at the office. Alex tells Jacqueline he’s taking a meeting with another company called Insight. And she praises him for being upfront and honest about it and encourages him to take the meeting.

Richard misses Sutton and is scrolling through photos of her in the lobby looking like a sad puppy. Jacqueline interrupts him and he casually tells her that the company is making cuts. They are laying off people and closing down two magazines completely. She thanks him for the heads up and prepares her fighting strategy.

The first thing Jacqueline does is warn Jane to get her digital rating up when it comes to her articles. Then she calls Kat into her office and breaks the news that print magazine sales are down, and the company is set to lay off people. This is privileged information that only top people and directors know about. Jacqueline tells Kat that her job is safe as digital and social media director, but everyone else, including Sutton and Jane’s aren’t.

Jacqueline tasks Kat with hosting a Readers Night to figure out what Scarlet readers love about the magazine. She also reminds Kat that she can’t share this information with her friends. We all know that’s going to be hard for Kat especially considering she’s living with them until her bedbug problem is dealt with.

Kat encourages Jane on ways she can increase clicks on her articles. She suggests Jane write articles about love and sex, but Jane isn’t in the mood for writing about those topics. Meanwhile, Oliver is stuck in Cuba leaving Cassie in charge of the fashion photo shoot and Sutton seizes the opportunity to be number two! But Cassie is slowly freaking out while Sutton tries to remain calm.

Alex cancels his lunch date with Sutton and tells her that he’s going on an interview at Insight. Sutton is shocked and claims he can’t leave her. Maybe Sutton is attracted to Alex after all? Alex fills Sutton in on his meeting with Jacqueline and how he’s heard rumors of layoffs. Sutton is slightly worried, but after hearing what Alex said, Cassie freaks out even more. 

Kat struggles to keep the truth from Jane and Sutton so she confides in Adena. The trio heads to their group date; Jane’s date doesn’t let her get a word in; and Sutton’s date just graduated from law school, reminding her of Richard. Kat connects with her date and mentions doing a focus group at work.

Jane overhears and questions her about it. Kat tries to avoid explaining the truth, and thankfully her date saves her. Sutton gets called away from her date because Cassie is still freaking out. Jane takes it as an opportunity to leave as well. Kat stays and gets drunk with her date; they go for a walk and stumble upon the violinist that Adena and Kat saw on their date. She misses Adena and decides to leave her date and go home. 

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Back at Sutton and Jane’s apartment, Kat gives Adena a call and confesses she misses her. And confides in her about keeping her friends in the dark about the possible layoffs. Jane overhears and asks Kat about it.

The next morning, Sutton and Jane discuss the layoffs and how Kat is keeping secrets. Jane wants to up her clicks and decides to get a butt facial and write about it. Meanwhile, Alex encourages Sutton to put out feelers for a job. Cassie goes over the edge with worry about her job and the photo shoot. Sutton remains calm. 

Jane probes Kat about what she knows and Kat breaks and tells them she knows nothing only that she and Sutton might get fired. The next day Jane and Sutton apologize to Kat and try to stay positive about their jobs. At the photo shoot, Cassie becomes overwhelmed and walks out before the shoot even begins. Sutton takes the opportunity to step up and rocks the photo shoot. Jane secretly goes up against Alex for the job at Insight. The trio discuss what they would do with they were laid off. 

Jacqueline praises Cassie and Sutton on the photo shoot. Cassie takes credit for what Sutton did at the photo shoot. Kat tells Adena that if she had courage she would fly to Paris and do something spontaneous. Jane meets with the editor from Insight and begins to want the job.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline saves her team from being laid off and calls Sutton into her office and tells her to stand up for herself. Thankfully, the photographer called Jacqueline and told her that Sutton ran the photo shoot and did an amazing job. Jacqueline tells Kat that the fashion and editorial team are safe from layoff and that the digital team will be expanding. 

Sutton has a moment of weakness and calls Richard. His phone went to voicemail and Sutton didn’t leave a message. Things aren’t working out with Coco so Adena tells Kat she’s coming back to New York and she couldn’t be more excited. The girls go out for drinks to celebrate job security, Jane’s most clicked story on butt facials, and Kat’s promotion and love life. Jane receives an unexpected job offer from Insight forcing her to make a big decision on the next episode of The Bold Type. 

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