Synopsis of 01×05: Some of Manfred’s past sins are revealed while Fiji get unintentionally caught up in Bobo’s own past.

Episode five of Midnight, Texas opens with Manfred receiving a death threat from Hightower. Manfred goes to meet Hightower, and Olivia follows him after Creek requests her to help Manfred.

During their confrontation, Manfred cops to the fact that he and his grandmother pulled a long con on Hightower, which involved Manfred leaving Hightower’s daughter at the altar. Manfred reveals that she killed herself a few days later and it was the worst thing he’s ever done. Creek finds out and tells Manfred he’s horrible, to which Manfred agrees.

Meanwhile, Bobo and Fiji expand their romance, but as they share their first kiss, the Son destroy the pawn shop. They kidnap Fiji and hold her captive in a soundproof room. Fiji’s cat comes over to Bobo and informs him that Fiji has been abducted. The Sons call Bobo to inform him that he could get her back if he delivered what was theirs. They drugged Fiji, so she is unable to use her powers.

Manfred offers to speak to Violet, and it comes out that Violet killed herself because of her father. Hightower, not wanting to believe this, becomes angered and attempts to kill Manfred. Manfred explodes a glass window and kills Hightower in a fit of self-defense.

Bobo and Lemuel go to rescue Fiji, and Bobo finds Fiji in the box and gets locked in. Bobo and Fiji are convinced that they are going to die. Lemuel makes an appearance and dramatically walks down the street, while the Sons shoot at him. Lemuel rescues Bobo and Fiji, leaving all the Sons dead in his wake.

The episode ends with Fiji being upset with Bobo for not telling him about his tragic past and a giant ominous crack ripping through the ground.

Overall, this episode had a lot of content and forward plot progression, but it wasn’t the best episode of the season. The acting has gotten marginally better, but there are times where the show veers from campy to sheer cheesy and over-dramatic. One of the redeeming factors was the Fiji/Bob romance, which has been placed on pause at the moment.

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