Synopsis of 01×07: Richard is determined to get to know Sutton’s friends outside of the office. Sutton attempts to network with a new social circle. Jane comes to a realization about Pinstripe; and Jacqueline is forced to intervene when Kat’s new staffer keeps damaging Scarlet’s social media presence. 

This episode of The Bold Type is all about the girls discovering the hard truth no matter how they try to deny it. Sutton must learn to step out of her comfort zone to build fashion contacts; Jane realizes she’s not built for dating more than one person at the same time; Kat grapples with disciplining her first direct report. 

On the previous episode of The Bold Type, Sutton managed to impress Oliver by getting the designer necklace. He now thinks Sutton is capable of anything. He tasks her with getting outfits from a designer and she asks him who she should reach out to about getting it. Oliver tells her to use her own contacts and she says okay. But there’s only one problem, Sutton doesn’t have any contacts! 

So she sets out to network at a ‘High Tea,’ that turns out to be a high tea where the desserts contain a special ingredient, weed. Sutton networks with various assistants while high and learns that one of the assistants is also secretly dating a higher up at another company, providing Sutton with some harsh realities of her own. 

Kat has just hired her first direct report and she’s thrilled to have someone report to her. This is a pretty huge step in Kat’s career; but considering how much she has been in trouble as the Social Media Director, is this a smart move? Things are definitely off to a bumpy start! Jacqueline calls Kat into her office regarding the new hire’s tweet from an uncredited source. Kat is forced to discipline the new recruit. 

Jacqueline assigns Jane to test out a new dating app, where your friends select the person, for an article. Jane doesn’t think she can do it because of her datingship with Ryan aka Pinstripe. When Jacqueline turns to Alex to write the article, Jane pipes up and claims she can do it, and takes on the challenge. While she’s on the date, Ryan texts her and she finds herself guilty of ignoring him.

The next day Jane tells Ryan that she’s dating other people and Ryan says he’s doing the same. But is this really what Jane wants? Out of spite, she goes on a second date with the guy from the app and tries to sleep with him. Shockingly, the guy wants to take things slow and to get to know Jane a bit better before having sex. 

Richard is determined to get to know Sutton’s friends so he invites Jane and Kat over to his place. Kat is the first one to arrive at Richard’s place. Jane stumbles in soon after, practically drunk from her date. Sutton arrives shortly after super high. She says hello to Richard and the girls and heads directly for the bathroom. Richard is about to check on her when Sutton calls for Jane instead.

While Jane and Sutton are occupied in the bathroom, Kat deals with a social media crisis. Richard gives Kat unsolicited advice on how she should terminate her new hire. Kat gets feisty and fires back stating she already handled it and will speak to her employee in the morning. 

Jane and Sutton call for Kat and the girls end up sitting in Richard’s bath tub eating. Richard walks in on them, asking if Sutton is okay and she says she’s fine. He leaves the bathroom, leaving the ladies alone. 

The next day at the office Jacqueline tells Kat that a board member reported her staffer. Jacqueline needs Kat to fire her direct report due to the damage she’s created for Scarlet. Kat actually agrees and admits she’s tried everything in her power to help mold her.

But first, she storms into Richard’s office and yells at him for going to Jacqueline behind her back. Richard claims she can’t be there and Kat leaves. She heads directly to the fashion closet to fill in Jane and Sutton. And as predicted, Sutton freaks out about what Kat did and runs off to call Richard to smooth things over.

Jane tells Ryan that she wants more and can no longer see him. She doesn’t want to change who he is so she’d rather not try to. Ryan doesn’t fight for Jane, but I hope he does in the next episode because they are adorable together and have so much potential! Don’t you agree? Meanwhile, Kat terminates employment and asks HR to be present at the meeting.

After careful consideration, Sutton and Richard decide to part ways. With everything that’s unraveled between the two and all the sneaking around, they both think it’s for the best. Clearly, I think we all knew it was going to come to an end at some point, right?

They’ve all had to face some hard truths, and somehow end up in Sutton and Jane’s bath tub drinking wine to wash away the day. I can’t wait to see how these ladies move forward and tackle the next challenge that comes their way!

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