Synopsis of 03×10: In the season finale, all questions will be answered when Kirsten’s father Daniel Stinger shows up and Kirsten must perform the most important stitch of her life. 

Stitchers took us on a roller coaster this season! Though the episodes varied from okay to great, the season finale is by far one of the best episodes. The suspense at the end has definitely got me hooked like a fish waiting to see what happens next! However, I do wonder if this finale had too much happen too quickly. I’ll save my thoughts on this until the end of the recap though. 

On the last episode of Stitchers, Kirsten and Cameron had sex (thanks to Linus creating a working oxytocin filter). Fisher decided not to move to D.C. with his wife; Maggie and Fisher make an excellent team; Camille sang her heart out in public and patched things up with Amanda. Ivy hacked into Maggie’s email and tells her father that the NSA plans to kill Kirsten’s mother.  

Let’s dive right in to what you need to know about the season finale. Kirsten and Cameron can’t keep their hands off each other; Amanda asks Camille to move in with her (is that a huge jump or what?); Admiral Decker personally escorts Denise Nichols, who personally selected the stitch cases to the lab for Kirsten to stitch into.

This might be the biggest stitch ever for Kirsten and team, can they pull it off? Kirsten is excited to stitch into Denise because her memories hold the key to how the stitch cases are selected. Cameron, on the other hand, is worried about Kirsten’s oxytocin level and hopes the filter works. The filter didn’t work because Kirsten has never stitched into a person that old before.  Kirsten manages to see an email in Denise’s memories that states her mother will be terminated. She stitches from the memory and Maggie fumes at Kirsten and Cameron. 

Ivy called Linus and begs for him to see her one last time. Meanwhile, Kirsten and Fisher head over to Denise’s house to investigate. They find the steel door from the stitch; Fisher tries the phrase “open hailing frequencies” but nothing happens until Kirsten tries saying it. The door opens and Kirsten recognizes a stack of papers that contains the algorithms for stitching. She can’t make sense of them but knows that Linus can. 

Camille tells Kirsten she’s moving in with Amanda. Kirsten thinks it’s too soon and wonders if Camille might be making a mistake. Linus meets with Ivy; she confesses that she hacked into Maggie’s email using his credentials and discovered the NSA is going to kill Kirsten’s mother. Ivy admits that she told Stinger and that he’s been freaking out about it. Linus is furious with Ivy and tells her to leave him alone for good and storms out. 

Kirsten and Cameron manage to figure out a trajectory that Denise put together that leads to the location of Kirsten’s mom. When they arrive to the old munitions factory, the guard recognizes Kirsten and tells her that commander Nichols said she would be stopping by.

Surprised, Kirsten and Cameron drive into the parking lot and discover her mother inside the factory in the stasis pod. Stinger appears, followed by Ivy. Kirsten is pissed off at them both when Ivy suddenly says she didn’t come alone. Maggie and Fisher pop out and try to arrest Stinger; but he opens fire. Cameron gets Kirsten out of harms way during the crossfire. Stinger accidentally puts a bullet in the stasis pod and Kirsten jumps in the middle of the gun fight to protect her mother. 

Stinger gives himself up and lets Fisher arrest him. The team brings Stinger and Kirsten’s mom back to the lab. Kirsten asks Cameron and Linus if she can stitch into her mom; Linus thinks it’s risky, considering her mom has the brain of someone whose been in stasis for years. Cameron is worried about Kirsten’s oxytocin levels and doesn’t know how things will work out with her stitching into a live brain because he doesn’t have experience.

Kirsten reaches out to Stinger and asks for his help stitching into her mom. He agrees only if Cameron will listen to his every move. Before Kirsten stitches they discover an anomaly on her mother’s brain stem. Stinger says it’s okay and convinces Kirsten and Cameron to go through with the stitch.

The stitch doesn’t work because Kirsten’s brain doesn’t sync with her mothers’. Stinger claims they need to be inverted for the stitch to work. Cameron thinks Stinger doesn’t care about Kirsten, only her mom, and they get into a physical altercation. Stinger then asks, “How did it feel?” claiming that the redirected energy is what Kirsten needs in order to wake up her mother. 

Cameron realizes Stinger is right and makes the switch. Kirsten stitches again and manages to actually see her mom. They are in a beautiful white room, dressed in white as well. Kirsten sees her mother and reaches out to her. They hold hands signaling that it’s time to bounce from the stitch. When they come to, Cameron runs to Kirsten’s side while Stinger runs to her mother’s. Cameron requests his mother come to the lab ASAP. But we never know learn what happens to Kirsten’s mother. Or if she’s actually okay. 

After Kirsten is examined by Cameron’s mom, Maggie claims she’s okay. However, she doesn’t remember anything from the past two/three years. Maggie excuses herself and immediately Cameron starts to breakdown. Fisher, Linus, and Camille all try to comfort him, but it doesn’t work. He’s angry at himself for making the choice. Even though it brought Kirsten’s mother back, he might’ve just lost the love of his life.

He asks to be alone, and the team leaves. Kirsten appears, and for a moment Cameron’s eyes light up; until he realizes she really doesn’t remember their relationship. She does remember meeting him, and his heart surgery. But how could she remember that if Cameron was just a boy back then? Kirsten tells Cameron everything will be alright, he thanks her and walks away. Then someone approaches Kirsten and she says she’ll never forgive them for making her hurt Cameron. 

Who the hell could possibly convince Kirsten to lie to Cameron and the rest of the NSA team? So many questions and I honestly look forward to next season. But first, can we talk about how this episode could’ve potentially been broken up into two? There are too many holes in the storyline for me. How did Denise Nichols die? Whose team was she really on, the NSA or Stinger’s? 

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  1. I don’t think anyone approached Kristen. I think those nanites that weren’t visible to anyone before this episode in any scans now had an active pathway between her and her mother. I think her mother is making her do it, maybe even took over so she couldn’t give any clues to Cameron before he walked off. The thing I am having a hard time figuring out is why? Is Stinger behind it? Would he want his family intact so badly he would kick everyone out that would mess it up? I dunno why Kristen’s mother would go along with it.

    1. This is a really great theory! Stinger totally could be behind it because we all know he would do anything for his family. But it could also be Maggie, her loyalties have been questionable since the very beginning.

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