Synopsis of 03×09: A series of murders, including a professional volleyball player, lead the Stitchers team searching the darkest corners of the internet. Meanwhile, Kirsten gives Maggie an ultimatum.

Picking right back up where last episode ended; Kirsten invites Ivy over to her place where she, Cameron, and Linus, try to get to the bottom of things. Ivy confesses that she did use the anomaly to trap Kirsten in her memory. But she only did it because she drove Stinger away.

Linus is disappointed with Ivy and honestly can’t believe that she lied to him. He storms out and Cameron tells Ivy that she has no idea how much Linus fought for her, believed in her. Kirsten is just as disappointed and tells Ivy that she can’t trust her. She doesn’t consider her a friend or a sister, and asks her to leave. 

Kirsten tells Maggie she knows about the photo of Ivy and Stinger. She tells Maggie that Ivy was the one behind the anomaly and hands over proof. Maggie asks her and Cameron if they had a warrant for the evidence. They say no, and Maggie fumes that these are reasons she doesn’t provide them with all the information.

Kirsten bites back and says that Maggie needs to loop her in and gives her an ultimatum: either she tells her where her mother is or Kirsten quits stitching. Maggie tries to reason with Kirsten, but it doesn’t work and Kirsten storms out, giving up stitching. 

Cameron runs after Kirsten and she tells him she can’t do it anymore. She’s over stitching and tells Cameron she can’t live this way, it’s not a life. But he’s in it for the long haul, and with Kirsten until the end. If she gives up on stitching, then he will too. Kirsten hugs him and just before they leave, Maggie shows up asking for Kirsten’s help with a case. Kirsten doesn’t agree until Maggie tells her she’ll give her what she wants as soon as the case is complete. 

A professional volleyball player named Lesley is murdered. Kirsten stitches into her memories and discovers a guy stabbed Lesley and recorded the entire thing. Turns out the man used the dark net to livestream Lesley’s murder. Camille and Linus are tasked with scouring the dark net; Kirsten and Cameron head out to question Lesley’s volleyball partner, Monica. 

Meanwhile, Maggie confides in Fisher, letting him know that Kirsten and Cameron know about Ivy. She also confesses that she hasn’t felt alone since he joined the team and that she appreciates his support. Could it be that Maggie has feelings for Fisher? Fisher’s wife calls and their shared moment is interrupted. His wife is putting the pressure on him, asking if he will make the move to Washington, DC. He still hasn’t decided and by the way he looks at Maggie, I think he’s already made his decision. 

Cameron and Kirsten head to the lab to stitch into another murder victim. Kirsten thinks it’s weird to have two cases; Cameron mentions if the team knew who was behind sending them the victims it would help. Maggie shuts that statement down real quick, but she’s not off the hook yet. Kirsten reminds Maggie of her ultimatum and they both play nice. 

After stitching into the second victim, Kirsten and the team track down the killer. He tells the team that he signed up to have someone killed on a site called All In, where regular people anonymously kill a person in exchange to have someone killed. He also admits that he signed up to have his ex-wife killed. The NSA is able to put her under protective custody until they shut down the site. 

Linus tries to convince the team to sign up for the site and not kill anyone to draw out the leader of the site. Camille thinks it’s a great idea; Linus begins filling in information on the site. Fisher thinks it’s a terrible idea and tells the team to think of something else, but it’s too late.

The site has already accepted the information without Linus hitting submit. Linus apologizes for signing Camille up to kill. But Camille is so angry with Linus, he then tells the group he signed himself up to be killed. Camille freaks and storms out; Maggie is able to protect the victim Camille was hired to kill. 

Maggie keeps Linus and Camille under lockdown until they can shutdown the site. A compliance officer calls Camille and tells her she broke the rules. Camille says she never wanted to kill anyone and that they can come after her. The officer has different plans though, killing someone else other than Camille.

She and Linus freakout and start calling everyone frantically warning them to be careful. Tension builds as a random pizza guy shows up to Cameron’s apartment, Cameron looks worried until Kirsten grabs the pizza confirming she ordered it. Meanwhile, a shady looking dude is around Amanda while she sets-up her DJ equipment. Everything is all good though because she totally knows the dude.

The leader of All In, Kate, randomly turns herself in to Fisher. He brings her to the NSA lab and  Maggie discovers it’s her former CIA counterpart. Maggie left Kate behind during a CIA operation and she’s never gotten over it. While locked in handcuffs, Maggie leaves Kate to talk to Fisher. She tells him about her past and what she did to Kate. Fisher tells her not hold it against herself. Meanwhile, Kate breaks out of the holding room and hunts Maggie. Fisher and Maggie team up and manage to take Kate down. 

Kirsten heads back to the lab to check on Maggie. While she’s there, Maggie tells her she needs a couple of days to set up a visit with her mother. Camille grabs her guitar and sings to Amanda. I guess after a near death experience she’s back to fighting for what she really wants.

Cameron and Kirsten finally get to have sex because Linus finally came through with the filter. Fisher breaks the news to his wife that he’s not moving to DC. He and Maggie share a drink, and it’s quite possible they are growing closer.

Stinger is waiting for Ivy when she gets home. And Ivy tells him that she hacked Linus’ NSA account and discovered that they are planning to terminate Kirsten’s mother. What is Ivy up to? Is she really going to betray Kirsten or could she be setting a trap to finally make amends with Kirsten and Linus?

Looking forward to what happens next!

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