Castle: Valkyrie (6×01)

Synopsis: After 6 weeks apart, Castle surprises Beckett at her apartment in DC, where he causes some trouble when he attempts to help her with a classified case.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The season kicks off right where it stopped, Beckett agrees to marry Castle. Yay! Except she needs to go to DC for the awesome job she got with the FBI. Not… yay. We get transported six weeks into the future, and Beckett’s got a new partner and has been training at her position. I have to say, it doesn’t feel right. It’s all serious and stuff, but it feels wrong not to have Javi and Ryan around cracking jokes while Castle strolls on in with a coffee.

But hold the phone, Castle is here. He comes down to her apartment to surprise her, and happens to get his nose caught in on a classified case. It’s the big leagues now, and Castle could get into big trouble for this, but he does it anyways. Investigating the case, he finds out more than he bargains for and stumbles on a major case involving something called Valkyrie.


He is captured, and learns about Valkyrie as well as Beckett’s case, but before he is able to get more his captor promptly dies and he is taken back to headquarters. They find out that he’s been exposed to a deadly toxin and has one day to live. Talk about bad timing.

It’s clear Beckett is like a fish out of water, she’s struggling to balance Castle and her new job, not to mention still trying to get her bearings at her new job. We only get a glimpse of Ryan and Javi in the episode, but I’m already missing them. Even the coloring of the two bases is indicative of the change in tone, the precinct is warm yellow while the FBI hq is blue and cold.

Back in New York, Alexis brings home a new fruitarian boyfriend from her trip to Central America. Yeah, we’ll see how that one turns out.


Bones: The Cheat in the Retreat (9×02)

Synopsis: Booth and Brennan go undercover as “Tony” and “Roxie” at a marriage retreat site when evidence from the murder of a management consultant leads there.

Rating: ★★★★☆

We get to see Tony and Roxie again, yay! I love when Bones and Booth go undercover, no matter what’s happening in the show it’s always hilarious and at the very least, adorable. They investigate the murder of a cheating husband who went on a marriage retreat with his mistress.

While they’re there, the two have a bunch of great moments, like Bones breaking out into her scientific speak with a Jersey accent, or Booth and Bones doing a trust exercise together. Especially when Booth uses his FBI training to get an upper hand. It’s clear that no matter what they’re going through, these two are still better than Pelant would want them to be.


In other news, Cam is wanted by the government. She gets a taste of being a victim of identity theft. It all seems kind of a weird storyline, but then I feel like there’s more to it than just a simple case of identity theft. Pelant was involved in taking all of Hodgins’ money, couldn’t this be related?

Sweets has been suffering under a feeling of not completing anything in his field. He’s worried that he is not being a real psychologist and requests a leave of absence after feeling like he’s hit a slump. I always felt that way to begin with with Sweets. He’s been kind of pushed to the back for a season in favor of the main story line between Booth and Brennan. But we know he’s a good psychologist, so maybe he’ll hit his stride again and come back as the Sweets we know and love.

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