Another week has come and gone and we’re getting ever closer to the Wynonna Earp second season finale. Don’t worry, though. At their SDCC 2017 panel it was announced that Wynonna Earp had been renewed for a third season! The show will be returning sometime in 2018 presumably with all the family drama and demon killing you could ever want. I had the great opportunity to sit down with the cast, creator, and executive producer at SDCC this year to talk with them about their amazing current season.

If you’re a little bit behind, you can catch up on the series with our recaps before checking out the reviews below. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’re not watching the show, you should be!

The series is doing some pretty amazing things right now – especially in regards to actress Melanie Scrofano’s pregnancy. They’ve written one of the most amazing pregnancy arcs in genre television history and perhaps television history in general. Because Wynonna remains very much the same kick-ass, hardcore heroine she’s always been pregnant or not.

The naysayers can say what they want about whether or not Wynonna could do all the things she does pregnant. As Melanie Scrofano explained to us at SDCC this year, she was there. She was pregnant. And she did all of it – wrapping up filming just four days before she gave birth. (Talk about dedication!)

She feels that the show is really showing an honest depiction of pregnancy. Since she was pregnant the whole time they were filming, what’s going on in the show essentially reflects her own pregnancy. In one scene, for example, Melanie is holding her aching back simply because her back really is hurting. 

And things didn’t just change on screen.

As Dolls says in one of the more recent episodes, Wynonna being pregnant “changes everything.” Melanie’s pregnancy had an undeniable effect on the cast and crew. She told us that she thinks her pregnancy really “grounded the season in such a beautiful and emotional place.”

You can watch the full interview above. We didn’t just talk about Wynonna’s pregnancy, though it was a huge part of the roundtable interviews for obvious reasons. Melanie also discusses the earlier possession storyline, Wynonna’s maternal instincts, THE RAT SMOOTHIE! and more.

One thing that Melanie does point out is how supportive everyone was – especially Emily Andras. Instead of seeing a hurdle to overcome, she decided instead to write Melanie’s pregnancy into the storyline. (Allegedly after telling Melanie she had hilarious timing.)

Much of the roundtable interview with Emily focused on the fandom – and the folks behind this show are never shy about expressing their love for their fans. Emily and pretty much everyone else will say that the show’s fans, known as Earpers, are the reason they keep getting to come back each season. 

If you ever doubted how much the Wynonna Earp series means to the Earpers out there, you need to watch this video just to hear the story Emily tells. At their signing two girls came up – one with a poster and the other with a small box she had everyone sign. Once everyone had signed the box that second girl got down on one knee and proposed. How amazing is that? 

Also, how awesome is it that the cast went to surprise fans and livetweet with them from their hotel at SDCC? Seriously, I love them all – they are so great with their fans.

Watch the full interview above and try not to tear up like I do every time. I love hearing how much fandom means to these folks! You can also learn how Anna and Elsa’s relationship helped inform Wynonna and Waverly’s relationship, how Buffy inspires the show, and more!

On screen, Wynonna’s pregnancy has had a big effect on all of the characters. Tim Rozon’s Doc Holliday is one of two possible fathers of Wynonna’s baby (check out our recaps for spoilers on who the other possible father might be). One of the most moving moments in the whole series was Doc’s note to Wynonna that he’s ‘all in.’

But if you’re looking for answers from Tim on where Doc’s story is heading next, he’ll tell you he has no idea. Emily Andras takes them all on ‘a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop’ and they can’t wait to see where things go any more than we can! And what they do know they’re not willing to share. Not even with MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS. The cast takes spoilers and secrets seriously. And it’s apparently a major relief to be able to talk about Melanie Scrofano’s pregnancy, according to Tim!

Tamara Duarte, who plays newcomer Rosita, hinted at a her character taking on a larger role as the season progresses. Neither Tim nor Tamara would elaborate too much on things but if you’ve seen this past week’s episode you know that Rosita has a pretty big part to play.

And Tamara promises that we’ll learn a lot more about the character – including something so major that Tim had to walk away from the table before he accidentally revealed it! A comment from Tamara about “what she is” might be a hint, though.

You should watch the whole interview if just to see how excited Tim Rozon gets about the prospect of Doc/Dolls fanfiction! 

The first four episodes of this season really focused a lot on Dominique Provost-Chalkley’s character Waverly Earp and what was going on with her. At the end of the first season we were left to wonder whether or not she was possessed and the truth slowly came out (spoiler alert: the answer was yes) as this season progressed.

As the demon took charge more and more frequently Dominique was called on to do a lot of crazy, atypical Waverly scenes which is something she considers ‘thrilling.’ Though she was a little nervous about what fans might think about it!

Also after the singing and dancing scenes Katherine Barrell is totally calling for Dominique to be cast as Anna in a live action Frozen film – and we are now, too!

Katherine talked a lot about how much she appreciates the writers making Nicole Haught into her own, well-rounded character. She’s not just a love interest but someone with her own story, background, and future. She also talked about how much fun it was to film scenes as ‘drunk Nicole’ and to just do some silly scenes with Melanie Scrofano in “Everybody Knows.”

Of course, we couldn’t talk with Dominique without asking about talking about her unknown heritage.

It’s something that’s weighed on Waverly a lot this season and something we’re just now starting to explore on the show. Dominique takes that part of Waverly’s story very seriously much like she does her and Katherine’s representation of a positive LGBT relationship.

She believes that this storyline needs to be given the same amount of respect because there are a lot people out there who may not know their parents or their history. She thinks it’s very important that she tells that story in the right way.

Definitely watch the full video because these two had some really amazing answers to some really great questions.

It’s Varun Saranga’s first SDCC with the Wynonna Earp cast and our first time getting to interview him! I was pretty excited because I love Jeremy. Since Jeremy and Dolls are basically it as far as the actual, previously paid Black Badge employees in Purgatory go we’ve seen them start to team up lately in the show. So naturally they got partnered up for the roundtable interviews.

Varun has really enjoyed being a part of the cast so far and he talked with us a little bit about what it’s been like going from a side character to a much more integral member of the cast. We’re hopeful that we’ll learn a little bit more about Jeremy as the show continues!

But in the meantime we did talk about a little about his crush on Dolls, his brief history with Black Badge, and his motivations for sticking it out with Wynonna’s group. A big part of it is, of course, the fact that he’s finally found his family in these people – he has people he can rely on. 

Shamier discussed some of the changing character dynamics and how they would effect the Doc/Dolls bromance down the line. He says that throughout the season their relationship “fluctuates” and Wynonna’s pregnancy is a big catalyst for that. We’ve seen Dolls being somewhat supportive of Doc’s potential, impending fatherhood in at least one past episode. But while he thinks that ultimately the two character do like one another, “men are men” and we’re going to undoubtedly see them at odds over things as the season wraps up.

He was also really excited for fans to get to see how he and Melanie Scrofano’s characters handle these changing circumstances and the pregnancy on screen. (And we’re super excited, too.) Plus he still has hope for Wynonna and Dolls down the line.

Personally, I just want to see more of the Jeremy/Dolls bromance. They’re hilarious together!

The last person we sat down with at SDCC was the creator of the original Wynonna Earp comics, Beau Smith. If you’re not aware, there’s a current, on-going Wynonna Earp comic series out now from IDW that Beau has been working on. With the final few episodes of SYFY’s Wynonna Earp looming in the near future, it might be a great time to check out the comics!

One of the coolest things we talked with Beau about is how he’s bringing some of the cast members from the show in as co-writers on the comic. The current on-going series pulls a fair amount of inspiration from the show and features a lot of familiar characters. Both Tim Rozon and Melanie Scrofano have written for the book and he’s open to more actors getting involved if they’re interested! Melanie Scrofano’s work was apparently hilarious.

He’s also really excited about the prospect of the show bringing in new readers and getting to be their first comic book experience.

Beau is one of the nicest people we’ve ever had the opportunity to interview and every time he has nothing but great things to say about Emily Andras and the way they’ve handled Wynonna Earp. He told us, “I went from the Titan of Testosterone to the Emperor of Estrogen overnight and that is the best thing that’s ever happened.” He really loves what she has done with the series.

I asked him if he had ever imagined Wynonna as a mother when he was writing the comics and he honestly never had. But he had faith in Emily and sure enough she made it work. He honestly believes that the way Emily handled the pregnancy in the show will inspire future showrunners and change the way these kind of stories are shown on television. We hope he’s right because Wynonna Earp is really doing some amazing things right now!

You can watch the full video above. And check out the Wynonna Earp on-going series if you get a chance!

Don’t forget to check out all-new episodes of Wynonna Earp every Friday night at 10:00 PM EST. 

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