Synopsis of 03×08: While providing safe transport for some allies, the Raza comes under attack from within.

Six is back in action and hard at work trying to convince the leaders of the independent colonies to confirm an alliance. The location of the meeting is compromised and they suffer attacks from Ferrous Corp. Six rounds up the leaders on the Marauder and heads back to the Raza. Once the ship has docked, Android jumps to FTL, getting the leaders and the Raza crew out of harms way.

If the colonies can agree to work together they would be unstoppable. Instead they argue over which delegate comprised the location of the meeting to Ferrous Corp. Two allows the leaders to stay on the ship and gives each of them private quarters to rest. 

Meanwhile, Android has been acting weird lately. Five agreed to do Android’s hair to try something new, but Android never showed up. 

The next morning Three is waiting with the leaders waiting for Six and Ren so they can resume their meeting. Six checks on Ren in his quarters and discovers him in bed dead, with a knife in his neck. Three holds the other leaders while Six investigates the murder of Ren. Unable to find anything on the surveillance footage or any DNA on the murder weapon, Two instructs Six to cut the leaders loose and let them return home. 

Android smuggled Ryo and his team on-board by activating the transit pods. It’s clear the Android has been hacked and is under Ryo’s control. Two and Ryo finally fight each other and it’s hands down the absolute best! Six tries to protect the leaders of the independent colonies but Android knocks him out and locks all of them up. Ryo’s men overpower Three, forcing Two to surrender and Ryo locks them both up while he searches the ship for the blink drive. 

Thanks to Sarah, Five managed to steal the blink drive and hide from Ryo. Five visits Sarah’s virtual world and they both try to figure out whats going on. Sarah tells Five that the Android is compromised; if Five can hack into Android’s mainframe she might be able to get control. Five’s just about to leave the virtual world, when Sarah reveals that she can do everything right from the virtual world. Sarah is very strong and I can’t help but wonder if she will become an enemy. Five manages to free Six and then Two and Three. 

Ryo offers the leaders of the independent colonies the opportunity to join the League of Autonomous Worlds. With the backing of Zarion the colonies would be recognized and would never have to worry about Ferrous Corp again. Six convinces them not to trust him because he is currently fighting to keep his own kingdom intact. The leaders listen to Six for now, but there’s no telling how long that will last. 

Android locates Five on the ship and sets out to retrieve her along with the blink drive. Sarah warns Five what Android is up to, but by the time Five comes out of the virtual world it’s too late; Android has her cornered. Thanks to a secret shut down word, “Hot Chocolate,” Five manages to escape forcing the hacker to reboot Android. With all of the crew members free, they are finally able to take back the Raza. 

Two, Three, and Six corner Ryo near the transit pods. Two explains that the blink drive is damaged and beyond repair thanks to his scientist. Ryo claims things won’t end until one of them is dead. They allowed him to transfer back to Zairon with his memories intact. Two made him take a message back to the real Ryo, if he comes back after them she will end it.

Android and Five finally have their girls night where Five does his hair. Android explains how Sarah trapped Android’s hacker in his mind. What a brutal thing to do, but that hacker shouldn’t have messed with the Raza crew!

Five tells Android she hopes the colonists will forgive them about Ren’s death… except Android reveals that she was conscious of her actions but she did not kill Ren. So that makes us wonder, who did? The independent colonist leaders leave the Raza safely and immediately applied to join the League of Autonomous Worlds. I guess Ryo won in the end. 

Five and Android think they may have repaired the blink drive. The team tries to use it and a pulse ignites through the ship knocking them all unconscious. I hope their memories haven’t been wiped again! What trouble will this bring the Raza crew next?

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