Synopsis of 2×10: Another Ymir oriented episode amidst Eren’s rescue mission. Honestly, she’s beginning to feel like more of a protagonist than Eren is and her back story is pretty unique in an interesting way, read on to find out.

“Children,” huh? Wonder why this episode received such a title? I’m not sure, but I assume it won’t be as apparent as such hits as “Opening,” “Charge, or “Beast Titan.” Let’s find out.

So, Connie’s home village of Ragako is still a significant point of interest considering the lack of gore in the wake of a supposed titan attack. My favorite line is: “…then the titans were having a field day in a completely empty village.” It’s just funny as hell to me. I remember field days in the grade school days of my past, so the image of titans enjoying the same glee is a funny notion. 

Some scouts sent to investigate the village take a look around and, after finding a picture of Connie’s parents, come to an overwhelming realization that the villagers must have transformed into titans

The scouts on Eren’s trail are getting too close for Reiner and Bertholdt’s comfort.

Now Reiner mentions a term we have yet to hear in the entirety of the series so far: the coordinate. He believes that it may be Eren and if it isn’t then having Christa may make the search easier. 

Sidenote: Reiner tells Bertholdt to confess his feelings to Annie, feelings none of us even knew he had. Well I know who I’m shipping! “Bernie” or “Annholdt,” though neither of those sound especially warming.

The scouts’ unexpected proximity forces Reiner and Bertholdt out of the safety of the forest in the daylight. Of course, not before Eren attacks Reiner with his arm stubs. It’s almost a fair fight and Eren gets a few shots in, directly at Reiner’s face.

While Reiner chokes Eren out, Bertholdt confronts Ymir about her eating his comrade in the past. He understands her lack of control in the matter and her forgetfulness of the fact afterwards. After all, novice titan shifters suffer significant memory loss once they revert to human form. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s the sole reason for humanity’s further destruction since the beginning of the show, Bertholdt would be alright in my book.

Ymir is still hung up on Christa and she strongly urges Reiner to capture the latter as well before escaping from the scouts. Reiner convinces her to give up until…

Attack on Titan flashback time!

We all knew Ymir had a rough past, what with her scrounging around on the streets as her daily life. Little did we know, Ymir also spent some time as a cult queen. In her very young childhood, she was chosen by cult leaders to be the Ronald McDonald of their cult. The leaders had convinced the followers that she had the blood of the king and granted her followers immortality. Consequently, they worshipped her.

Just how I feel when I go to Mcdonald’s, right? It all ended the second soldiers raided the cult for a reason, that never becomes quite clear. I guess no world, even a post apocalyptic one, likes cults. The leaders turned on her and ousted her as a liar. Rather than denying it, she’s a boss, so she held strong to the lie in the belief that it would save everyone.

It didn’t.

Instead, they were all turned into titans. They each fell from one of the high walls and the light that erupted from below each time leads me to believe that they each transformed. Ymir’s subsequent transformation seems to support this even further. Oh, and don’t forget the syringe the man was holding as he booted Ymir off the wall!

So I think the church has definitely been turning people into titans. Other than the clues that someone’s making titans, there’s also the church knowing some giant secret about the titans that they refuse to admit. 

After the transformation, Ymir stayed in titan form for a long time, believing that she deserved such a punishment for living lies constantly. After eating Reiner and Bertholdt’s friend, she awoke in human form and vowed to live honest to herself from that point on.

Ymir’s voiceover during the flashback, including her time with Christa once they joined the corps, reads like a love letter from a forlorn lover. But who doesn’t like Christa? Apparently, Crunchyroll fans named her #3 of Anime ladies they’d love to marry.

Present Day

Ymir refuses to flee without Christa and convinces Reiner to allow Ymir to capture Christa before they escape.

The scouts make it to the forest and split up in search of Eren. Other than the titans, they find Ymir waiting for them. Christa makes it last and instead of the intense reunion we were expecting, she’s met by the inside of Ymir’s gaping jaws. Or at least that’s how it seems because we all know Ymir wouldn’t do such a thing. Surely, Ymir’s just holding her in her mouth for safety, as weird as that sounds.

Ymir returns to Reiner and they escape along with Bertholdt. The scouts pursue on horseback.

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