Synopsis of 03×03: The team sorts through a plethora of suspects after a high-profile divorce attorney is murdered; Linus discovers the cause of the neurosync issues in the stitches, which directly affects Kirsten and Cameron.

Kirsten and Cameron share an intimate moment in the office. We finally see the machine that shows the deceased victims names. 

Camille shows up to the morning meeting hungover and overtly bitter about not being in charge. Linus is too busy occupied on his phone texting Ivy to notice Camille. Kirsten asks Camille where she was last night, Camille dodges the question and Kirsten turns her attention to Linus. She asks him if he’s talking to Ivy and Camille, takes the phone right out of Linus’s hand and asks him if his interest in Ivy is the reason why he asked her to trust her. Linus doesn’t say anything. Camille remains pissed off that she missed out on a promotion because of Linus.

Cameron walks into the room and begins to talk about the case. He mentions the victims name and asks Camille to do her thing. But Camille basically says no and reveals that Maggie usually sent her the case files in advance to prepare. Camille then tells Cameron he’s on his own. Well, we all know how pissed off Camille already was about the promotion but watching her talk to Cameron that way was brutal. 

Cameron struggles to present the case. So Camille reluctantly takes over and presents the case quickly after skimming the file. The team discovers the victim, Mark Broden, was a divorce attorney with high-end clients, who was also going through a divorce himself. Cameron wraps up the meeting and tells the team to get ready to stitch. He pulls Camille aside after and tells her that he didn’t ask for the promotion, but he’s in charge and she needs to respect that. 

Kirsten gets ready to stitch and Cameron mentions his concerns to her once again before she climbs into the tub. As usual, Kirsten gives him push back, but this time Cameron loses it (for a second) and yells at Kirsten for giving him attitude. He tells her if he sees anything wrong he will call it and she will bounce because he’s in charge. Then he tells her that he could use a little support from her. Kirsten doesn’t say anything back to Cameron and quietly gets into the tub. Before the neurosync, Kirsten apologies and says she fully supports him and it’s adorable! 

From the stitch the team discovers that Mark had relationships with a lot of different women. There’s another intimate scene that causes Kirsten’s oxytocin level to rise. Cameron see’s the same pattern in her brain from before and asks Kirsten what’s happening. She claims she’s fine and continues with the stitch.

According to the case file, Mark died from a gunshot wound. But as Kirsten continues on in the stitch she discovers that he died from asphyxiation. As Kirsten nears the death memory her vitals go crazy and she begins to struggle with her own breathing. Meanwhile, Cameron starts to freak out and his hands start shaking on the controls. He tells Kirsten to bounce from the stitch. Yes, Cameron was definitely worried about Kirsten. 

The medical team gives Kirsten oxygen and she appears to be okay. Kirsten looks at Cameron and asks him if he’s okay because he looks sweaty and panicked. Cameron says he’s fine (but clearly we know he’s not!).

Detective Fisher and Camille question Mark’s ex-wife; while Kirsten and Cameron take off to question the first suspect from the stitch, a plastic surgeon. While there, Kirsten receives a phone call from Camille and steps out to take it. Turns out the doctor did want Mark dead but she wasn’t the one to kill him. Kirsten returns back to the room after hearing a crash to find the doctor holding Cameron with a needle to his throat. How she managed to overthrow Cameron, we’ll never know!

Thankfully the doctor’s assistant walks in, distracting the doctor long enough for Kirsten and Cameron to overpower her. Meanwhile, after Fisher puts pressure on the ex-wife she admits that she did shoot Mark while he was asleep, but it was strange because he wasn’t snoring. The third suspect turned out to be a high-end sex companion/doll, leaving the team at a dead end. 

Linus tells Kirsten and Cameron that their relationship has increased Kirsten’s level of oxytocin; which effects her stitching; but he’s working on a filter. For now, Kirsten and Cameron need to slow things way down, like just holding hands and cuddling because there’s no telling what will happen when she stitches if they go any further. This obviously has an immediate effect on their relationship. Cameron thinks Kirsten doesn’t care that they can’t be intimate and both of their feelings end up hurt. Kirsten leaves Cameron and goes to Ivy’s since Camille needed the apartment to herself for a date with the medical examiner, Amanda. 

Kirsten and Ivy bond over food and discuss Linus and Cameron until she has to go back to work. The team meets at the lab and Linus tells them he ran tests and the companion/doll is what killed Mark. Camille digs into Mark’s emails and learns that Mark specifically said he was allergic to a substance and for the doll not to contain it. Detective Fisher, Cameron, and Kirsten head back over to the manufacturer to inquire about the creation of the doll. The owner admits he killed Mark and tries to overthrow the team but loses and they apprehend him. 

With the case officially solved, everyone goes back to what they were doing. Linus goes to Ivy’s; and Camille picks things back up with Amanda. Meanwhile Cameron and Kirsten have a heart to heart; they both agree on how much they care for each other and that Kirsten’s mother is the most important thing to her. Cameron is willing to wait for Kirsten and it’s the sweetest thing ever! They go back to his place and watch a movie and cuddle. 

Overall, not a terrible episode, but the ending was quite cheesy if you ask me!

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