Gravity Falls: Scary-oke/Into The Bunker (2×01-02)

Synopsis: As the Mystery Shack gets back on their feet after the events of last season’s finale, more secrets of the journals and Gravity Falls come to light.

Rating: ★★★★★

Guys, I am so happy that Gravity Falls is back on the air. As great at the shorts were, there was no way they could compare to having a full episode on every week.

The first two episodes of this season pick up immediately where season one left off. Stan is trying to access something not of this world, but is determined to keep it a secret from Dipper and Mabel as the entire family recovers from Gideon’s attack. Meanwhile, Dipper is determined to figure out the secrets of Gravity Falls before the summer ends, even if he ends up digging a deeper hole. This all comes to a head when mysterious men in black (one played by Nick Offerman) make their way into town to find out its secrets and Dipper finds another way to analyze the journal.

Only God can judge me for how attractive I found Stan here. []
Only God can judge me for how attractive I found Stan here. []
First off, I have to say that the animation is already on point this season. Not to say that it never was, but all the animation of the shadows in the bunker and of the Mystery Shack during karaoke night took my breath away. I would say it’s up there with the second half of The Legend of Korra Season 2 with how Studio Mir could animate things that were plunged in darkness.

Of course, the writing is on point too. Even after the year plus wait, it feels like nothing has skipped a beat. In fact, it may even be stronger because of the introduction of an overarching plot this season as the twins get further into the mysteries of Gravity Falls. It’s kind of the thing I’ve been waiting for on the show since the concept was introduced to me.

I think the thing that excited me the most in the premiere episodes though was that Wendy gets character development! Not like she was ever a flat character, but it was so cool to see just how take charge she is when it comes to helping investigate the bunker. WENDY IS A LUMBERJACK AND SHE’S OKAY!



Also, I just want to hug Alex Hirsch forever for how the talk between Dipper and Wendy went about his feelings for her. As someone who’s confessed non-reciprocated feelings before, the conversation felt extremely real and I was glad Mabel pushed Dipper into having it with her. Sure, it’s awkward, but you do feel better in the end.

If you’re not already watching Gravity Falls, you may want to get on that soon because season 2 is going to take off and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus, how could you not love a show that features the family band Love Patrol Alpha singing ‘Taking Over Midnight’ by &ndrea in order to kill zombies? SPOILER ALERT: IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

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