Synopsis of 1×08: Mr. Nancy convinces Mr. Wednesday that he needs a queen for his cause and he has the perfect one in mind. It’s the season finale of American Gods!

It’s the season finale of American Gods and the eve of war, but Mr. Wednesday’s recruitment efforts aren’t finished. He and Shadow pay a visit to Mr. Nancy in order to obtain suits and are, reluctantly, told Bilquis’ story. It’s about as Bryan Fuller as Bryan Fuller gets (he even liked my tweet, so I’m taking it as agreement), with plenty of nudity and stunning visuals. From the height of her worship, to Tehran during the disco years, to Hollywood through the 1980s, to the modern times, it’s a telling and heart-wrenching story that reveals which side of the war Bilquis might be on.

At the end of the tale, Shadow has learned not to compromise or “cut deals with treacherous motherfuckers.” Which, according to Mr. Nancy, is the complete wrong moral to the story, much to Mr. Wednesday’s amusement. They need a queen on their side and, after some huffing and puffing from Shadow, they’re off to recruit their queen.

Waking up from another dream where he’s climbing a mountain of skulls, Shadow is warned about the woman they are going to meet. Mr. Wednesday dances around the specifics, guns it over a gathering of rabbits in the road, and drives on to a gorgeous house with a party in full swing.

It’s Easter Sunday and a Jesus for every belief has shown up at the home of Ostara to celebrate, including the one audiences met previously. As she escorts Shadow through the grounds, Mr. Wednesday ineffectually tries to recruit her to the cause. His approach seems to be to upset the Jesuses and taunt Easter about her lack of prayers in her name. Understandably, it doesn’t work.

Using the death of Vulcan as a point in his favor against the new gods, he continues to seek her allegiance as he dismisses Shadow. Instead, Shadow finds one of the Jesuses and speaks with him about beliefs. He admits that he doesn’t think he knows how to believe in anything.

Technical Boy find Bilquis, who has been avoiding him to the best of her abilities. She tries to tempt him, but he doesn’t want any part of her “vagina nebula,” and instead calls in the favor she owes him.

Mr. Wednesday wants Ostara to help his side by causing a famine. In return, she’ll be prayed to once more in the oldest of contractual obligations for favors from the gods. Unfortunately, their discussion is cut short as Ostara is informed of Laura and Mad Sweeney’s arrival. She rushes off to greet them as Laura vomits maggots into her sink.

She’s not happy to see them as Mad Sweeney tries to get Laura resurrected as a professional courtesy. When that doesn’t work, he calls in the favor Ostara owes him, but it’s all for naught. Ostara examines Laura and reveals that she was killed by a god, which means Ostara cannot give her back her life.

Another interruption and more uninvited guests draw Easter away from Laura and Mad Sweeney. Ladies and gentlemen, Media has made an entrance with one of Technical Boy’s lackeys in tow. Ostara is thrown off by her arrival, but Media sees Easter as their shared holiday built on consumerism and she’s forced to think fast to keep Media from entering the mansion. They’re off to look at sheep!

Mad Sweeney is immediately questioned by Laura as to which god had her killed. He admits that he ran her off the road, but he’s not a god… and she knows who did it, she just wants to hear him admit it. Mr. Wednesday needed Shadow as his man and Laura was sacrificed in the name of the cause. As far back as the casino, Mr. Wednesday has been involved in their lives. In retaliation, Laura wants to know what Mr. Wednesday has to lose.

Media asks about Mr. Wednesday and Ostara tries to deflect, saying she dismissed him before hearing him out. Unfortunately, Media doesn’t seem to be buying it and Technical Boy’s lackey is multiplying behind her. As they argue and Technical Boy’s lackeys surround her, Mr. Wednesday makes his presence known and confronts the new gods. Technical Boy enters the scene and antagonizes him further before Mr. World also appears.

Mr. World is adamant that the new gods will win the war, fight or no fight, and encourages Mr. Wednesday to submit. Instead, he brings about a lightning bolt to sacrifice all of Technical Boy’s lackeys to Ostara and finally reveals his true name to Shadow. Ostara follows suit, showcasing her power of the Spring and bringing forth the famine that Mr. Wednesday was in search of. The old gods have taken the spring and Shadow finally believes, just in time for Laura to reunite with her husband.

A final scene has Bilquis on a bus to the House on the Rock, the meeting place of the gods and a wrap on this season of American Gods.

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