Synopsis for 3×04: In another case of ‘they’re not dead until you see the body,’ (Travis?!) a familiar face returns to get Strand out of his latest situation.

Somehow Daniel managed to escape the fire that killed Celia, jumping back in time to see him limping and delirious. One of the dead chases after him, only to be scared away by a dog, before he’s found and saved by Efrain. He promises Daniel water, but they have to walk to it – something Daniel struggles with.

At first, he’s upset at being brought to an empty fountain until it suddenly begins spewing water. Daniel is then taken to the rest of the group and Efrain convinces Lola to scrape his rotting burns in order for him to have a better chance at surviving. Later, he’s up and walking around with a crutch and helping Efrain pardon the dead.

After later giving Efrain a haircut, they delve into Daniel’s past and the debts he owes. He confesses to Efrain that he’s killed many people, but Efrain rightly thinks that’s not what is weighing on his conscience. Tearfully, he confesses that he needs to find his daughter Ofelia because he’s not sure if he burned her alive or not. Efrain gives him a pardon and tries to console Daniel.

Later still, Daniel is out in the rain when he is forced to fight off one of the dead. He manages, but a second, larger reanimated corpse comes after him and isn’t deterred by the crutch. As Daniel prepares himself for death, the threat is struck by lightning and Daniel is knocked unconscious.

He’s found by two men cleaning out a pipe drain and they take Daniel to Lola, who is surprised to see him at the dam. With no other choice, she brings him inside and explains to him that municipal president, Dante Esquivel, has taken over the dam and doles out water as he sees fit. She convinces one of Dante’s men that Daniel is the new janitor there to dig bodies out of the sewer system.

Eating in the mess hall, Daniel is the only one who doesn’t stand when Dante enters the room and JC questions him. The question turns into a scuffle, which draws the attention of Dante himself. After introducing himself, Dante recognizes Daniel as an important man from his previous life and work in El Salvador.

He becomes Dante’s guest, who offers him anything he wants. However, when Daniel asks for a jeep to leave, Dante asks him to stay and help with the water thefts first. He agrees and has to think quickly when he goes out with a scouting unit and must distract them from the water fountain. In trade, he gives them Efrain’s bike and radio. Angrily, Lola confronts him about it later and he claims that he had no choice.

Soon after, Daniel witnesses Strand come looking for Dante and get locked up. The episode catches up to the previous one when he brings water to Strand and asks about his daughter. Strand tries to convince him that he can take Daniel to Ofelia, but his word choices tip Daniel off that he’s lying. Daniel gets pissed and assumes Ofelia is dead.

Before they can argue more, Daniel is summoned by Dante. They caught Efrain the water thief and Daniel is expected to use his expertise to get him to tell them who his man on the inside is. Daniel tells him that he’ll die either way, but as long as he doesn’t talk, Lola won’t be in danger. Unfortunately, Lola breaks before Efrain is killed and Dante now knows who was helping him.

The two workers who found Daniel, Lola, Strand, and Efrain are all lined up to be tossed over the railing. One of the janitors goes first, but Daniel hesitates when he brings Lola over to Dante. Instead of tossing her over, he kills JC, the other guards standing by, and Dante himself – effectively ending his reign over the dam.

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