With Mr. Wednesday gathering the old gods, it looks like it’s finally time for the new gods to step up. Leading the charge, with Media and Technical Boy in tow is Mr. World, played by Crispin Glover.

We caught up with Glover, who cryptically told us Mr. World’s angle in this war among gods; “I’m working with them. I’m wanting to work with everybody.” While this is not the first time Glover has worked on a project with Neil Gaiman, he seems as eager as ever to be a part of this ensemble cast. “I’m very glad I’m a part of this. I’m grateful I’m a part of this. This really is extraordinarily well written and conceived,” he said.

And, although he is familiar with Gaiman’s novel, he still hasn’t read the book, and for a very valid reason. He talked about having reviewed source material on other projects, “I started to figure out how it should be interpreted, and I don’t want to do that because of how great Michael [Green] and Bryan [Fuller] are doing. And I want it presented to me, I trust what’s going on and I know that it’s really well performed.” He seems confident in Green and Fuller’s direction when it comes to Mr. World. 

Without much to go on, this sneak peek at Mr. World’s first appearance doesn’t seem to give us any more to go on. Why does the floor light up like he’s Michael Jackson? Where are Shadow and Mr. Wednesday? What is up with Mr. World and his weird eyes? Is anyone else getting Willard flashbacks?

The appearance of a new god shakes up the dynamic of the show once more and by the look on Wednesday’s face, this guy is one of the major players. While we continue to hypothesize his purpose and his plan, get yourself ready for a new episode of American Gods this Sunday!

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