Synopsis of 03×13: Everything goes wrong when Mitch turns off all the hybrid beacons except for St. Louis and the team is put up against the clock to save North America.

I never thought I’d be able to give this show a 5-star episode rating but folks, I think Zoo has finally found itself. 

Last week Jackson was stranded on the wrong side of the barrier with his newly discovered son in the form of Sam. Abe and Tessa stood watch, hoping he would appear while Mitch and the rest of the team attempted to bring down the beacons. Mitch came up with a single solution: divert the power. He followed through without telling anyone and cut the power to all of the other beacons and channeled it to the one closest to them. 

Cue everyone getting angry. Jackson did show up just ahead of the latest hybrid stampede and managed to make it inside the barrier with Sam. Mitch hurried to the infirmary, where he told Clem she had to take the baby and they needed to go but she was resistant. When questioned about what he did, Mitch admitted that he had done it to get more time with the hope that he could crack the beacons and destroy them. 

The IADG gave him a limited amount of time to figure it out. If he failed, the IADG would give orders to blow up the beacon a la Tokyo a couple episodes ago. A lot of people in the surrounding area would die, but the hybrids would be neutralized. Abe, meanwhile, was more focused on giving Clem’s baby the first dose of serum that would help them work toward the sterility cure. He always stays on point. 

Jackson had a brief moment to fill Abe in on Sam’s real identity and it went over as well as to be expected. They did not have much time to dwell on it though as reports came in that razorbacks had overrun part of the barrier and a normal dog had saved the day. Please remember this dog later because he is more important than you might think. 

Due to the breach, the IADG sent away all non-combatants from the barrier. This included Clem, despite the fact her baby would need the second dose of serum that Abe had, lest the cure be lost to them all. When everyone found out that Mitch played a part in sending Clem away they were cross with him, but had to move forward in spite of it. 

Mitch did manage to make a breakthrough after he analyzed the signal coming from the beacon. It turned out that Abigail had combined her hybrid-controlling frequency with Jackson’s animal-controlling frequency and was using the combination to create a security barrier around the beacon. The only person who might be able to get through is Jackson because his brain resonates at the same frequency. If he could get past the barrier and install a device, Mitch could hack in and cut the power. 

Once Jackson left, Abe filled the rest of the team in on Sam’s identity. 

Jackson made it to the beacon with Tessa and started to make his way toward the core when he nearly collapsed. His partial frequency did not seem to be quite enough to make passage through the barrier easy. Tessa tried to run in and help him but he had to struggle through it alone and sent her back to the rest of the IADG agents standing by. 

Back at the barrier, the razorbacks had infiltrated and were threatening the generators. If the team was unable to keep the generators up then Mitch would not be able to hack the beacon and end the madness. Armed with some heavy artillery, the IADG operatives along with Abe and Dariela fought to keep the hybrids at bay. The wonderful dog from earlier, Wilson, saved his handler at the loss of his own life. Don’t forget the dog yet, though.

Logan, somewhere far away from the barrier, led the caravan to get Clem and other non-combatants away from the possible explosion. They had a cute moment together which obviously meant that something bad was going to happen, and it did. Flying hybrids, with Abigail leading the charge, took out the caravan, killed Logan, knocked Clem out, and stole the baby. Abigail is crazy and I love her.  

In better news, Jackson was able to install Mitch’s device, which led to the deactivation of the beacon. The hybrids, without the signal, gave up the chase and left the barrier alone. Poor Jackson passed out cold and Tessa thought he was dead but was soon reminded that he is heavily protected by plot armor. He will always be okay.  

Back at the barrier there was a weird and touching moment between Wilson the dead dog and his handler who we only met today. The touching moment turned violent very quickly though when Wilson came back to life and mauled his handler to death. I told you not to forget about the dog. It turned out that hybrids could infect normal animals, sort of like zombies, and it raised the stakes of the game the team is playing. 

A moment of reunited victory for the team was quickly soiled when Clem rolled up in a banged up car and told everyone that Abigail stole her baby. This ignited a blame-fest and led to everyone pulling guns on each other. In the heat of the moment, Jackson received a call from Abigail who offered him a chance to get the baby back. Her one request? Wreck the barrier and allow her hybrids to run free. 

Since Jackson’s grand baby is now the one at stake he, against most of the team’s suggestion, crashed their plane straight through the barrier and called it a day. 

Until next season, my friends. 

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