Synopsis of 12×22 & 12×23: The two-hour season finale of Supernatural wrangled together all of our favorite characters to wrap up the British Men of Letters plot, as well as the Lucifer baby plot line.

Honestly, “Who We Are” was phenomenally well written and well acted. Mary is still under the control of the British Men of Letters and is going after the remaining American hunters. Meanwhile, Dean, Sam, and Toni are attempting to find a way out of the sealed bunker. After many failed attempts, Dean brings out a grenade launcher and can reset the bunker from the outside. The boys and Toni escape and begin to call all the hunters that they knew. Jodi has left a message for them stating that Mary attacked her and that Jodi has her at the house.

Dean and Sam gather all of the hunters to Jodi’s house, where Sam gives an impassioned speech to rally the hunters to attack the British Men of Letters. Dean opts to stay behind and reprogram Mary. Sam and the remaining hunters siege the Men of Letters compound, while Toni links Dean and Mary up to “reprogram her.”

In an emotionally charged scene, where Mary is caring for her young sons, Dean arrives and is observing the interactions. He tells Mary that he hates her and in one of the most significant lines of the episode he says, “I had to be a mother and a father to keep him safe, and I couldn’t do it, and it wasn’t fair… All the bad things were because of you, and I love you, but I hate you.”

This line appears to break her out of her trance, as Mr. Ketch rips them out of the trance and proceeds to fight with Dean. As he is about to kill Dean, Mary steps out and shoots Ketch. Meanwhile, many hunters died in the siege against the Men of Letters, and they find out that Lucifer is still alive.

Sam and Jodi kill Mrs. Hess and the Men of Letters computer. The end of the episode is a touching reunion moment between the Winchesters. This could have been the end of the season, and I would happily have not cared about the other plot involving Cas, Kelly Kline, and the impending spawn of Satan being born.

However, in “All Along the Watch Tower” Cas and Kelly are playing house, in that creepy brainwashed kind of way that they have since the Spawn/child touched them. Meanwhile, Crowley comes back from the dead to help the boys, announcing that he realized that he didn’t like his job and would always throw his lot in with the Winchesters. They decide to call Rowena and find out that Lucifer killed her and burned her to a crisp. Though her crispy body was shown, the audience didn’t see the death happen, so there is a possibility she’s not dead.

Dean, Sam, and Mary figure out where Cas and Kelly are and go there to help them. Kelly goes into labor and a rift in space and time opens. Cas goes through it and discovers it is an alternate reality where Sam and Dean were never born. Good news is that Bobby was alive and he likes killing angels.

Unsurprisingly, Crowley shows up with an insane plan to help the Winchesters when Lucifer shows up. Kelly is in the process of giving birth, so Mary goes upstairs to help her. Dean and Sam follow Castiel into the alternate reality and devise a plan to bring Lucifer there.

Lucifer, being his smarmy and snarky self-delivers an excellent performance as he mocks Dean and Sam. There is a showdown with Lucifer that doesn’t go well and ends with Crowley sacrificing himself. Castiel jumps through the rift and attempts to kill Lucifer.

Everything appears to be fine, but then Lucifer jumps out and kills Castiel. Mary tells the boys she loves them and then tackles Lucifer through the rift. The season finale leaves Dean and Sam alone to deal with the fully grown Nephilim. 

Castiel and Crowley being killed was not completely surprising given their lack of screen time in the overall story arc this season. For a season finale, I felt like the death of three well-liked characters to bring Bobby back was overkill and predictable.

It also felt like it was a “no one is safe from the chopping block,” moment for the fans.  However, this is Supernatural, so the likelihood of bringing them all back is pretty high. The season finale was pretty lackluster and predictable in my opinion, although the surprise alternate universe was appealing. 

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