Synopsis 03×07: In ‘Dirt Nap Time,’ when a womanizing preschool teacher is murdered, Liv and Clive bring the teacher’s jealous girlfriend in for questioning; Peyton is assigned an interesting case; Blaine gets into a bad situation. 

Liv is ready to beat Blaine up to get that cure and I have to say, I loved every minute of it. Ravi tells Liv this isn’t like her and that she is still hung up on Hot Mess brain. Liv said she can control her zombie anger. But, when she and Ravi pay Blaine a visit after his musical set, Liv punches him square in the face. She then proceeds to choke him in a zombie rage state. Ravi manages to get her to calm down and to let him go. Blaine tells Ravi and Liv where they can find Don E so they can see if he has the cure. 

We jump to a more friendly scene with a male preschool teacher singing and putting on a puppet show to children in class. After school though, things get a little unfriendly when the teacher is accused of sleeping with more than one mom at the school by (whom I’m assuming) is his girlfriend. The principal calls him into her office and the next thing we know, the teacher is found dead in his apartment later that afternoon with thirteen nails buried in his skull.

Clive is assessing the crime scene when he asks if the medical examiner team has arrived. The officer says not yet, but when Clive looks outside he sees the medical examiner’s car in the driveway. Clive’s eyes are excited to see human Liv. But instead, Clive asks Ravi why Liv’s hair is still blonde. Before Ravi can answers Liv appears in front of Clive. He obviously asks her about the cure and Liv tells him that she didn’t take it because it was stolen. What a totally bummer, we feel for you Liv!

Clive rules the case as a homicide. He asks Ravi if he can gage how tall the killer is based off the entry of the nails. Ravi says he can’t unless he knew which of the screws were entered into the victim first. Clive then notices the magnets on the victims fridge spells out STD 36. Clive asks Ravi if that rings a bell or means anything to him. Ravi says no, but says he knows someone who might be able to help and looks at Liv. She smiles and agrees. Back at the morgue Liv makes the simplest meal yet, peanut butter, jelly, and brains (what every zombie needs to survive). 

After Liv devours lunch she and Clive arrive at the victim’s school. When they enter the classroom, they see the principal looking for the Guinea pig that got loose. She claims the students wouldn’t be able to handle loosing the classroom pet in addition to Jamie (the vic). Liv’s teacher brain kicks in and she tells the principal that she will look for the pet while she answers questions for Clive. The principal claimed that Jamie was a great teacher, one of the best she’s ever observed. But he was also a womanizer and had been sleeping with three of the mothers from his class that year alone. 

Clive and Liv take off and interview Jamie’s girlfriend, Piper, and they discover she was quite jealous of him sleeping with other moms at the school. Especially because the other moms were married. Liv and Clive set off to interview the other married moms. 

Meanwhile, Blaine is moping over Peyton and doesn’t really care about anything else. He sits at his desk in thought when Candy walks in and gets him to start preparing the brain meals. 

Peyton is still working the dominatrix case and meets with the lawyer and the murderer who confessed to the crime. She offers a plea deal as long as she receives the memory card footage. Just when it looks like they are about to negotiate further or even accept, the meeting quickly takes a turn when an unknown lawyer walks in and whispers into the murderer’s ears. Next thing you know he’s fired his lawyer and claims the new guy is now his lawyer. 

Major confesses to his new best friend Justin that he took the cure. Justin wants to get his hands on the cure for himself but then Major tells him the bad news about the remaining doses having been stolen. Justin then tells Major that he can get a regular job, one that won’t kill him. But Major tells him he won’t ever be able to find a job because of the Chaos Killer damage. So Major instead, asks Justin to keep his secret and not tell anyone that he’s human again. Justin vows to keep his secret. But how long will he able to keep that secret when Major is so fragile around zombies in his human state? 

Liv and Clive bring Eleanor in for questioning about her affair with the teacher. She admits to having the affair and Clive tells her they need to inform her husband. So they call him in and break the news. Wasn’t a pretty sight at all! 

Later that evening Major and Justin, along with a few other mercenaries, head over to a secret zombie speakeasy. Major and Justin don’t really believe the place exists but they find it. Unfortunately, before you can get in you must eat some special zombie drug brain to enter. All of the mercenaries do it, even Justin.

Then finally it’s Major’s turn. Boy I absolutely did not want him to take it, he’d ruin being human just to keep his job and new friend Justin. But, Don E appears just in time and tells the guard that Major is cool and doesn’t have to take the test. Phew, thanks, Don E (never thought I’d say that). Major and Justin have a fine time at the speakeasy. And, Justin asks Major if he can take Liv out on a date. 

Major tells Liv and Ravi about the speakeasy and about Justin asking to date Liv. Of course Liv suggests she go to the speakeasy and confront Don E about stealing the cure. Major agrees as long as Justin goes with her. I’m a bit unhappy with Major for even considering letting Justin and Liv date. On the other hand, I appreciate him wanting her to have someone with her. 

Peyton receives a visit from James Weckler’s attorney and discovers that James committed suicide, hung himself in prison.

Liv gets a vision about the teacher’s murder and fills in Clive. They discover that there was a black Civic following the teacher on a date. The license plate on the car turns out to be STD 36, which matched the message at the crime scene on the fridge. Clive runs the plate number and discovers the car is registered to a private investigator. 

Later Liv and Justin have their date at the speakeasy. All appears to be going well. Don E finally shows up and Liv asks him about the cure.  He gets upset and teacher brain Liv tells him to use his words (best moment in the show, ha!). Don E claims he would be rich by now if he had the cure and not running the speakeasy.  Looks like that was another dead-end for Liv. 

Blaine receives an unexpected visit from Don E and his crew at the funeral home. Don E informs Blaine he’s buying his brain supply business and to have a nice life. Blaine tries to get Candy to stay, but she leaves and tells him, “Oh now you care.” Ouch Blaine, another bruise to his already broken heart.  

But the surprises don’t stop there, after Don E leaves Blaine’s dad’s bodyguard shows up and states  he has a message for him. After the guard bites his sandwich he shoots Blaine in the gut. Before he can get another shot off, Blaine tells him he has money, a large sum of it if he doesn’t kill him. Looks like Blaine got his negotiating skills back just in time to save himself.

Clive and Liv find the PI who was following the murder victim and they discover that Macy’s husband Will committed the murder.

Peyton visits Ravi at the morgue and asks him again about the dominatrix killer’s autopsy. She suspects foul play, but will need Liv to confirm her suspicions. So Ravi takes the victims brain and soaks it in the memory solution. It’s nice to see Peyton and Ravi playing nice. Now if only they could just fall in love again!

Major meets up with Justin and discuss his date with Liv over a beer. Justin tells Major the date went well, except for Liv bolting at the end. He said, maybe Liv wasn’t into him or maybe she’s racist. Major tells Justin it was none of those things because she gave him something to give to him.

Justin opens the card and it’s a cute card that says do you like me yes or no or maybe. Liv got the idea from him when they were talking during their date.  Of course Justin marks yes and hands it back to Major. Again, this is super weird considering we all know that Major is madly in love with Liv and she him. Sigh, but I guess zombies need love too. Shortly after Major pockets the card, Justin gets a phone call about a lead on Harley Jones.

Major in a ski masks stops Harley Jones and his friend and tells them they are on a private road.  They ignore Major and take off and end up running over Justin. Harley and his friend look back and realize they ran over a man. That’s when Justin gets up and snaps his bones back into place.

He takes off and runs after Harley and jumps on the hood of their car. But they end up getting away and Harley and his friend discover the camera they planted on the dashboard recorded everything finally giving them the proof that zombies really do exist. 

Looking forward to seeing what happens next! As always, leave your thoughts below in the comments or ping me on Twitter!

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