Supernatural: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (9×1)

Synopsis: Sam fights for his life, Dean fights for Sam’s life, and Cas adjusts to humanity and being the angels’ most wanted.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Did anyone else think, “Hey, Sam’s looking pretty good considering the circumstances,” before realizing, “Oh right, of course he’s in a coma and Dean’s in his head.” And of course the part of Sam that wants Sam to fight for his life takes the form of Dean. Cue feels, etc. etc. Forgive the slight sarcasm, the image of Dean killing Bobby (who represented Sam’s acceptance of death) was kind of jarring and killed any feels I may have had.

Of course this is what the inside of Sam's head looks like.
Of course this is what the inside of Sam’s head looks like.

I don’t know guys, this whole angel possession without Sam’s actual consent feels really weird to me. Look, I get Dean’s desperation to save Sam, I understand and appreciate that. But it’s still weird. Let’s not tell him his body isn’t entirely his own right now. That’s really weird, right?

And does this mean we’re not getting Tahmoh Penikett back as Ezekiel now that he’s in healing Sam from inside? Because that’d be a downright shame. I was pretty interested the second I saw his face, and then became totally invested when he was like, “I’m here to help! [Collapse].” I guess we’ll see where that goes.

Tahmoh Penikett as Ezekiel.
Tahmoh Penikett as Ezekiel.

Though we probably shouldn’t be too quick to entirely trust Ezekiel. Not after what happens between Cas and Hael. We definitely should have seen Hael coming. God forbid (haha) that Cas should catch a break and actually make a friend. No, Cas is relatively powerless and the angels are after him. And apparently no vessel is off limits, because Hael was trying to get in on Cas. Have I mentioned that this whole angel possession thing is feeling really weird?

It was pretty exciting to have Death back in the mix though. And it was really interesting to see the exchange between Sam and Death, and how badly Sam just wants to be done done. Makes it feel even more uncomfortable to have Ezekiel swooping in and doing things without his consent.


Supernatural: Devil May Care (9×2)

Synopsis: Abaddon has returned and is rallying the troops in Crowley’s absence.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

[Long, exasperated sigh]

So here’s the thing, Supernatural writing staff. If you introduce a female military sergeant just to get her out of the way by having Kevin blackmail her with “indecent photos from Cabo” or whatever, that’s pretty much all I’m going to take away from the episode. I’m going to rant to my friends about it, and I’m going to ask my Tumblr followers why, why do we bother with this show? I don’t care that it was a relatively small moment. I care that a woman in power was shamed, and by Kevin, no less. He’s such a genius hacker, but he couldn’t have come up with a clearance code or something? I’m not buying it.

And I shouldn’t have to fear for any new female character that gets introduced. But we meet a young female hunter named Tracy and my first thought was, “Hey, she’s really cool, so she’s probably going to be dead by the end of the episode.” Luckily, she lives, but not without stupid remarks like, “She’s smart, but she’s got a mouth on her.” Need some line suggestions, guys? How about “smart, but a bit reckless”? Girl gets into a van with a vampire and emerges victorious, but all dude can say is “she’s got a mouth on her”?

The brothers check that their fellow hunters are not possessed.
The brothers check that their fellow hunters are not possessed.

Real talk though, if they’d killed Tracy off in this episode, Supernatural may have been added to my very short list of shows I couldn’t be bothered to finish. (Right now, that list is literally just American Horror Story: Asylum.)

Honestly, my favorite part of this episode was Abaddon gripping a kneeling Dean by his hair. Can we have more of that? I could stand to see a lot more of that.

Oh, I suppose I should talk plot? Abaddon assumes Crowley is long dead (but we know he’s tied up in the Winchesters’ bunker) and is rounding up demons, getting them to upgrade to better bodies (hence the crime scene at a military base, where the demons left the bodies they were in to take over the bodies of soldiers). And those soldier demons would have taken the Winchesters out had it not been for Ezekiel taking charge of Sam’s body and killing them all. BUT IT’S STILL WEIRD THAT SAM DOESN’T KNOW EZEKIEL IS THERE, OKAY?

Ezekiel comes forth in order to protect Sam.
Ezekiel comes forth in order to protect Sam.

Can we please just bring Tracy back? And while we’re at it, let’s bring back Garth and Charlie. Give me something. Two episodes in and I’m already weary. At least the next episode looks like it’s going to be Cas-centric.


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