Bizarre States is… well, bizarre. The premise is that Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser sit down to talk about the supernatural and unusual goings-on. But more often than not, it turns into talk about poop. And farts. Sometimes both. These two hosts are delightfully funny and often run a show that feels a bit like a couple of kids who just want to talk about stuff they like, but somehow, it works. 

Don’t get me wrong, they do, in fact, talk about spooky and unexplained things. During the more recent uprising of clowns, they did a regular segment called “Clown Corner,” where they discussed the newest sighting of a creepy clown.

Two weeks ago they had a medium on air, to discuss how it is that he senses the world. He even did a reading of both of them. Sometimes their themes are spook-filled, like when they brought haunted items onto the set, including Billy the Idol, who was kindly gifted a necklace by Chobot.

But for as many times as they actually talk about a spook or a conspiracy or a UFO, they talk about… you guessed it, poop. This weeks episode was about “Shat in a Hat,” in which Bowser described a prank from his past where he literally… well I’ll leave that to your listening. 

This podcast is both irreverent and perfect. It is one of the few Nerdist produced shows where the hosts are allowed to be wholly themselves, expletives and all. And that really gives it flavor. 

I’m a fan of all things supernatural and conspiracy theory-esque. I could listen to any number of podcasts (and do!) and those kinds of things, but with Bizarre States, I truly come back for the fun that I have. I feel like I’m joining in with a couple of friends to talk about weird shit we’ve seen or read in the news… and I love it!


Chobot has become a staple in my life. I watch Nerdist News Talks Back almost every day, but especially enjoy hearing her “unplugged.” And Bowser is a delightful, cat loving human. What more could you want?

They have a good mix of special guests and hosts, as well as the mix between the supernatural/spooky and the more realistic, but no less unusual, of like Atlas Obscura. (One of the founders of which they had in an interview.) The episodes have a good mix, so almost anyone can enjoy it.

I like that they also film their episodes for viewing on Project Alpha and Youtube. It’s fun to see some of the images and videos that they show (if you are listening, they post those items on Facebook after the show) and listen to their banter in real time. 

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