If you have not heard of the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary then you need to stop what you are doing and look at their website and Facebook. It has been a long journey into the spotlight for this senior dog rescue and the adventure keeps getting sweeter. Most recently, after a big move to a new facility for a lot of the dogs, our old friends are going to be featured in a documentary called SENIORS

This film aims to highlight the special relationship between aging dogs and their owners and will hopefully bring attention to the joy older dogs can bring. Since older dogs are often overlooked in shelters and sometimes left in them because their owners could not or would not take care of them for life, it is nice to see them getting so much attention.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in particular does an amazing job of showing just how full of life these seniors are. 

SENIORS will also bring in the stories of Chaser, one of the smartest dogs in the world who knows over 1000 words, and National Geographic Photographer Jane Sobel Klonsky, who recently released a book of her work highlight the special relationship between senior dogs and the people who take care of them. This film is going to be a dog lovers dream and a great reminder of our responsibility as people to the dogs that we played a part in creating. 

From the site: 

SENIORS is a feature-length documentary full of love, hope, and second chances.  It focuses on three interwoven stories about senior dogs.  There’s Chaser, the smartest dog in the world.  Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, a retirement home for dogs in Tennessee.  And famed photographer, Jane Sobel Klonsky, who has devoted much of her talents towards capturing the bond between elderly dogs and their owners.

Unlike most animal documentaries, our goal is to highlight the positive.  No abuse will be shown in SENIORS.  This film will celebrate senior dogs and many of the seniors who love them.  It will show how vibrant they are, and how much they can offer to the world.  This will be the animal welfare film everyone can watch, leaving viewers grinning from ear-to-ear, and showing how old dogs really can teach us new tricks.

If you are interested in supporting this wonderful documentary you can check out the Kickstarter page HERE for some great reward tiers. Up for grabs is some great swag, other animal related documentaries, or for the big bucks you can get a private tour of the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and pet some sweet pups.

Whether you can give $1 or $600, your money will help bring awareness to the amazing work done every day with wonderful senior dogs.

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