Synopsis 03×01: Liv finds there are more zombies in Seattle that she previously thought; though exonerated for the Chaos Killer crimes, Major remains a pariah; Blaine is accused of lying.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Here’s what you need to know: the premiere episode picked right back up from where the last season’s finale left us. Liv, Clive, and Major are still at Max Rager’s headquarters along with Vivian Stoll (the private military contractor who was devouring brains right in front of Liv!). Vivian decides to help evacuate the zombies from Max Rager and fills Liv, Clive, and Major in on how she plans to bury the evidence.

Peyton, Ravi, and Blaine are just fine (phew!), and talking to the police about what happened. Clearly, Ravi is heartbroken as he answers the officer’s questions. As he listens to Blaine and Peyton provide details about the night’s events, Ravi realizes that Blaine and Peyton shared an intimate relationship for sure and it doesn’t matter how brief it was, it still stings!

Later, Ravi and Peyton make their way back home and meet up with Liv, Clive, and Major. Everyone looks defeated and tired, but the truth is finally out. Peyton confirms she had a thing with Blaine, Liv and Major share their zombie status with Clive. It’s all a kind of tragic relief. Liv also mentions to the group that Vivian is a zombie and has big plans and she wants Liv to join her.

Clive and Major agree to visit Fillmore Graves run by Vivian with Liv to learn more about what exactly she has planned. While touring the facility, Clive discovers a little boy who used to live in his apartment building named Wally, is a zombie. Shocked, Clive gives Wally his number and tells him to stay in contact with him.

Vivian explains to Liv and crew how Fillmore Graves is preparing an island and safe haven for zombies to live freely. Fillmore is complete with staff for teaching child zombies and complete with their own training for security. Essentially, Vivian is building her own zombie army!

Later on in the episode we discover that Clive never gets the official reunion he was hoping for with Wally and his mom because they were found murdered in their home zombie execution style, with a single bullet to the head. Everyone is on edge as people try to announce publicly that zombies exist.

Ravi ignores Peyton and isn’t sure when he’ll be ready to face her. His former boss the CDC is lurking around and getting closer to discovering that zombies exist. Major deals with the consequences of all the hurt and pain he’s caused and tries to shake the Chaos Killer label. He looks for a new job, but doesn’t succeed and ultimately decides to train with Fillmore Graves’ zombie security. Liv’s not sure what to make of Major’s decision to join Fillmore Graves, though she can see why he did it.

Synopsis 03×02: Liv, Clive, and Ravi suspect foul play was involved in a fatal car crash; Clive reveals his connection to a murdered family; Peyton tries to make peace with Ravi.

Rating: ★★★★☆

This episode opens up with a father and daughter arguing in a car followed by a fatal crash that kills both victims. Liv and Clive are on the scene to investigate. Once they make it back to the morgue, Clive witnesses Liv cook-up a meal with special teenage girl and dad brains. And believe it or not, Clive does not freak out! Liv has already eaten the dad’s brain, when Major walks in claiming something smells good. Jokes on him though as he must eat teenage girl brain (good call too!). Liv and Clive take off to question the male victims friends and Major stays behind with Ravi. 

In full on teenage girl mode, Major listens to Ravi’s qualms about Peyton and basically gives him helpful advice. Then Major swiftly leaves for Fillmore and mercenary training. Major is caught staring at a few of the other trainees and admits that he’s on teenage girl brains and basically says he hates his body. Way to go iZombie writers, is that all that teens do? Major’s performance as a teenage girl isn’t very believable, but will make you chuckle anyway. The mercenaries tell Major that they don’t experience mood swings because they basically eat mashed up brains. 

Clive is busy trying to solve the father/daughter murder and grieve the loss of Wally and his mother but he can’t because he keeps being questioned by Detective Cavanaugh about his relationship with Wally and his mother. I enjoyed the flashbacks into Clive’s past that showcases the relationship with Wally and his mom. We learn that Clive lived next door to the kid while he was working undercover and Clive witness first hand how Wally’s father Rick, abused Wally and his mother, Anna. Clive eventually intervened and arrested Rick. 

While listening to the Chuck Burd radio show, Ravi hears a caller claiming that his neighbors eat brains. He immediately notifies Liv and Clive and they discover that the caller’s number, it’s a match for Wally’s neighbor. They go to investigate and learn that the neighbor has an alibi and can’t possibly be Wally’s killer.

The neighbor did admit that he posted about potential zombies living near him on a message board for conspiracy theorists. So basically the killer could be anyone! Back at square one, Liv and Clive return to the father/daughter case and discover that the teenage victim’s best friend was having an affair with her step father.  Turns out the teenage girl’s mother is the killer!

What a jam packed episode! 

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