Synopsis: Allsafe is hacked and Elliot is meeting White Rose. Tyrell is interrogated by the police and Elliot remembers who he really is.

Rating: ★★

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around everything that happened in this episode.

I suppose the first red flag was the ballet class in which Angela and Darlene are hanging out like old friends, even though, as far as we know, they’ve never met.

I thought it was weird, sure, but everything about this show is so disjointed and abrupt, I didn’t really question it. I just kind of assumed Darlene had been keeping tabs on Angela as part of fsociety’s hold on Elliot.

Because she's so subtle. [USA]
Because she’s so subtle. [USA]
 Second red flag: Tyrell telling Mr. Robot that he knows his Secret – with a capital ‘S’. Again, we already know there’s something more going on with that guy, so I just rolled with it.

Silly me.

After Elliot meets with the mysterious, stylish and ruthlessly efficient White Rose, he goes to tell Darlene that the big hack is back on. She’s beyond thrilled and proud of him and they celebrate briefly and, in his excitement, Elliot kisses her.

And she promptly freaks the hell out.

She keeps saying ‘did you forget again?’ and ‘Elliot, tell me who you think I am!’ he’s confused and apologetic and overwhelmed by thoughts and sensations until he remembers at the same time she says: ‘I’m your sister’

Oh my god. [USA]
Oh my god. [USA]

He takes off, unable to believe he doesn’t remember a whole person, a whole relationship. He tries to hack himself and finds nothing. Going back to his book of people he’s hacked, he pops in the first disc – the only one without a title.

It’s Mr. Robot. With Elliot, when Elliot was a child. Teaching him to ride a bike, to climb a tree, to blow out birthday candles, etc…

Convincing him to overthrow a global corporation. You know, family stuff. [USA]
Convincing him to overthrow a global corporation. You know, family stuff. [USA]
Right before the episode cuts to black, Mr. Robot shows up at the door.

I feel the urge to go watch the whole season again looking for clues and loopholes. How does this tie into the scene where Elliot tells Mr. Robot exactly how his father died, and then Mr. Robot says it was his own fault and pushes him off a pier? How could it be Elliot’s fault if his father is still alive?

Maybe that wasn’t real either.

What about Angela’s mother?

This is total freefall. Narrators revealed to be unreliable is one of my favorite tropes because now everything we’ve ever seen that we accepted as fact, is called into question.

On the corporate end, Gideon all but knows that Elliot has been working with fsociety. In their last confrontation, Elliot quit Allsafe altogether, because he couldn’t bear knowing that he’d hurt such a good and honest guy.

Gideon told Tyrell that Allsafe was breached, and Tyrell, distracted by the murder he committed the previous night, handled it remarkably well.

The murder however, he is not handling well. After stupidly trying to dodge the police at work, they show up at his house and demand to question both he and his pregnant wife.

She gets them out of it however, by using a fork to make her own water break and causing a major distraction.

I have so many problems right now.[USA]
I have so many problems right now.[USA]
It was a wild ride.



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