That right there is a YouTube version of the Hulu promo that’s been going around. It’s not that clear but for our international readers it’s currently the only way you can see it since it’s only on Hulu right now. You can see it in it’s full glory – but only if you are in the US – at TVLine. But be warned. You’re heart is going to implode with emotions. No, seriously. I don’t know how a thirty second trailer can do such terrible things to my #feels but it can and it did.

I mean, the whole “This is your mind… this is your brain… on Hannibal” bit almost made me laugh. Almost. Maybe I would have if not for my screaming at the computer screen. Because, yes, that is my brain on Hannibal. All kinds of messed up. But, man. Why can’t Will just be happy? Why can’t he just be fly fishing alone instead of trapped in a memory or in his own head hiding away from the horrors? And what is with this electric chair scene!? I know it isn’t real and I assume it’s not electroshock therapy so he’s probably just dreaming or something but still. I don’t need that. I do not need that.

Ugh. #Feels.

Plus some how this thirty seconds really ups the creepy factor with Hannibal. Slicing meat, bodies, displayed bodies. I’m super looking forward to this silo-full-of-bodies thing, too. Also Jack’s battle with Hannibal. I really just can’t wait to see how that plays out. And why is Hannibal going after Beverly!?

And let me tell you the Electric Light Orchestra’s Can’t Get It Out of My Head in the background did not help at all.

I miss this show. I still can’t believe we have just over a month to go before the second season starts up. I’m panicking. I need it. I need it now.

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