Synopsis of 12×12: This episode may be the best of the season as an homage to Reservoir Dogs with some heartfelt moments and possibly some intriguing new foes. 

“Stuck in the Middle With You” is an episode that is not told in linear time and opens with Mr. Ketchum asking Mary for a story. This episode had a Quentin Tarantino feel to it and even had some gore involved. The first part of the story opens with Dean, Sam, Castiel, Mary and random hunter Wally at a diner.

Dean is attempting and failing to flirt with Mandy, the waitress, and she’s having none of it from him but expresses an interest in Cas. Cas is blissfully ignorant about her intentions. They begin to discuss the case and argue around the table. Wally reveals that he is feeling nervous, to which Mary reassures him that everything is going to be fine. Of course, this means that everything is going to end horribly and someone is going to die.

In the very next scene, Wally gets stabbed by a demon and Cas is injured and not healing.

“The Wounded Angel” pops up on the screen and shows Cas preparing for their hunt. Mary comes from the basement, and Cas asks her where she was. Mary replies she was in the bathroom, and in one of the more funny lines of the episodes Cas replies, “Urination, I understand.”

Everyone prepares to take out the demon fisherman, who walks through the door. They shoot the demon, who flashes his yellow eyes, and the devil trap bullets did not work. The demon attacks Cas and Mary freezes. The demon materializes a spear and stabs Cas with it, and is about to kill Cas when Mary runs the demon over with a car and takes him to a barn.

Fun fact, Misha claims that this was a very traumatic scene for him to shoot, because the director (Richard Speight Jr.) promised that the car wouldn’t be anywhere near him and it was right next to him.

“Mother Mary” flashes across the screen, and it begins as Mary and Wally are in her car. She tells him that the boys would respond better if they thought he asked for help. Wally brings up that he heard the Men of Letters speech and he was not convinced. Mary is being very sneaky, which continues as she steals a mystery object from a vault.

After Mary rescues Cas, Dean and Sam burst into the room and are shocked to see Cas injured. Dean attempts to make Cas feel better by saying, “I’ve had worse.” Cas tells Dean he thinks he’s dying, as Dean attempts to reassure him that he will be fine. Sam asks Mary what she got them involved in when Crowley pops up and calls everyone idiots.

Crowley tells them everyone is going to die. There were a lot of really great one liners this episode as Crowley explains that Ramiel is the Prince of Hell, and there are more princes of Hell, and they are pretty bad dudes. These princes are more than likely going to pop up as the season progresses.

“Mr. Crowley” flashes back to six years ago when Crowley approaches Ramiel and gives him Micheal’s lance, which kills demon’s quickly but kill’s angels slow. Crowley also gives Ramiel the mysterious box and offers him the crown of Hell. Ramiel hands it to Crowley under the condition that no one bother him and if they do Crowley will pay for it. Crowley, of course, jumps at the chance to be the King.

Flashing forward, Crowley pops outside of the barn and attempts to convince Ramiel to leave the Winchesters alone, because, under all the self-serving behavior, Crowley is more friend than an enemy. Ramiel refuses and flings Crowley through the barn.

Then Supernatural hits you right in the feels as Cas is dying and Cas tells them to leave him. He gives the most heart-wrenching speech to Dean and Sam, letting them know that the boys were the best part of his life and that they changed him in the best way. He ends the speech by saying, “You’re my family, and I love you guys.” To make this scene even worse (well better), Sam says very emphatically, “We are fighting for you Cas,” and Dean adds, “Like you said you are family, and we don’t leave family behind.”

They use angel fire to trap Ramiel and demand that he provide the cure for Cas. Ramiel announces that he doesn’t care about anything and that he was going to destroy all of them and he wants the object that was stolen from him. Cas is a few seconds away from death’s door, as the Winchesters and Ramiel engage in an epic fight that Sam finishes as he stabs Ramiel through the heart with the lance.

Cas is spitting up black blood. Crowley looks at the lance and looks at the glyphs and figures out that the lance had angel magic that cures Cas. He drops the lance and announces to them, “You’re welcome.”

Cas asks what Ramiel was talking about it, and Mary is about to tell them that she took the object, but they dismiss it.

“One last thing” ends with Mary talking to Ketchum, telling him she almost lost one of her boys and promised to kill all the British Men of Letters if anything like that happens again. Mary is making deals with the devil (so to speak) and hands over the Colt. The Colt is back in play, and this can only mean great things for the rest of the season.

Crowley is back on his throne, and Lucifer is in a cell explaining to Crowley that the Winchesters are not his friend and would kill him if given a chance. The episode ends with Lucifer’s eyes flashing red and saying, ‘That’s not my name.”

Overall, this episode is my favorite episode. This entire episode was amazing from the directing, the acting and the writing, everything was so well done. I am a little annoyed with Mary and her keeping secrets from the family, as I feel that this has been done to death in this show, but overall best episode of the season. If the rest of the season is awful, this episode will save it. Watch this episode.

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