Synopsis of 1×13: With nothing left to lose, Grace, Arthur, and Slink head for Heart Enterprises in an attempt to cut the head off of the snake. Things are about to explode.

The very briefest of title cards makes a not-so-surprising stat known: there are a little under 7,000 people street-side in New York City, but millions in Heart fracking tubes much like Christopher was. The people left behind are the ones Heart didn’t want, according to Slink.

The three of them barrel right through the glass front doors of Heart Enterprises, to find plenty of people dead in the lobby, minus the secretary who is still putting people on hold. Slink is sure to take care of her before they go through the winding hallways in search of whoever already attacked Heart employees. Grace takes an unsanctioned turn and they find themselves back in the lobby, only now it’s clean of bodies.

Karma makes herself known over the intercom and Slink explains to them that the Blood Drive engines are prototype Soul Reclamators – which how Karma survived the shove into an engine. Without a soul, she slipped right through. They set off into the hallways of the building again, with Karma taunting them the whole way until Slink reveals the deadzone in the stairwell. That’s a technological deadzone and not a literal one for once.

After a disagreement over motivations, Slink heads for the basement and the main beam of the building while Grace and Arthur go after Karma. He’s going to blow it up in thirty minutes regardless of whether Grace and Arthur are in the building or not. Grace isn’t giving up on her sister yet.

Meanwhile, a heavily modded Christopher is being watched after by Aki. While he’s in a full body bandage, she plots their next escape attempt and leaves him alone to go collect supplies. When she’s in the basement, she sees Slink with his newly acquired access badge and follows him.

When Arthur and Grace make it to the boardroom, they’re momentarily confused to find it empty. But Karma quickly comes out of hiding, using some kind of gun to absolutely disintegrate Arthur. There’s only blood spatter left in his wake. From there, it cuts to a flashback of Grace hotwiring her car and allowing Karma to get in the passenger seat. It’s a sisterly bonding moment that started out this journey to where they are now and returns back to them fighting in the boardroom in the present.

But when Grace gains the upper hand, she can’t go through with killing Karma. After she’s taunted about losing everything she ever loved, Grace turns the gun on herself and pulls the trigger. Instead of dying, she’s thrown into a brightly lit white room, alone, but she sees evidence that Arthur was there and heads after him.

Arthur’s alive and running through the same hallways as Slink. And when Karma checks in on Slink, she informs him that he’s the last clone and there can never be another one. In the Antigua Room that he went in search of, he finds all of his clones slaughtered and Karma gives him a choice. He can destroy the central beam in the building and himself or he can walk out and live.

Arthur finds the same scientist that Slink encountered and he’s pointed in the same direction. What he finds is the head of one of Slink’s clones and a super-modded Christopher. Another flashback showcases their strong friendship before they got involved with Heart Enterprises. In the present, Arthur tries to reason with Christopher while he gets his ass kicked and it’s not going well.

Slink makes it to the central beam, which is covered in wet blood. He flashes back to his creation, as well as the creation of the AKI units – which have some of their humanity left in them and explains Aki. She confronts Slink at the beam and reveals herself to have consciousness, severing his spinal cord in an attempt to get him to stop the explosion. When he threatens to blow it all up right then, she leaves him incapacitated in search of Christopher and their escape.

He’s still beating Arthur up and down the hallways and they discover together that Christopher’s missing his dick now that he’s been upgraded. Grace barrels into Christopher, allowing the tide of the fight to turn, and Arthur impales him. There’s little time to mourn as they rush off to dismantle the bomb. But once at the central beam, Slink tells them it can’t be stopped and Karma traps them in the room.

While Karma makes her escape through the Blood Gate, Grace and Arthur seem to accept their fates. After sharing a cigarette, Arthur has an idea thanks to something he learned from The Scholar. He takes one of the detonators and willingly electrocutes himself to get the doors open. Unfortunately, by that point there are only twenty seconds left to escape the building. But once the countdown is complete, Slink reveals a new one – restarting the clock to five minutes for escape.

He gives them directions for the fastest way out of the building and experiences the feeling of death for the first time as they make their getaway. As they run through the lobby, Karma runs out and stabs Grace. Karma goes to make her escape and Arthur stops her, taking her Blood Gate remote in the process. It’s too late once again, but again Slink has them fooled with his countdown. He’s all about the dramatic moments.

Instead, he starts to monologue interspersed with Grace and Arthur once again trying to make an escape, though she might be mortally wounded now, and Aki mourning Christopher in the basement. Arthur opens up a Blood Gate himself just as Slink actually detonates the bomb. With the building coming down around them, Karma yells out for Grace and she pushes Arthur through the Blood Gate without her, opting instead to go to her sister.

The Heart Enterprises tower comes down and a news report indicates that they covered up the explosion by blaming it on Arthur… who is revealed to have washed up on Blood Rock Prison for the Criminally Insane, a subsidiary of Heart Enterprises naturally. And that’s it for season one of Blood Drive!

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