Synopsis 03×10: Everything looks bad, then everything ends up okay in the final confrontation between DOSA, the Library, and Apep. 

DOSA, having made it known to Eve that her role with the Librarians was done on purpose, opened up negotiations with her. In what appeared to be a complete betrayal of her friends, Eve offered to give up the Library to DOSA if they allowed the Librarians alone. Let them run free and they would have the deal of a century. DOSA agreed after a small debate and Eve returned to the Library. 

She told the Librarians about her interactions with DOSA, claiming she was playing them as a double agent. They also appeared to have had a lead on a lost artifact and Eve passed the information onto the Librarians. It turned out the artifact was a Sioux dream catcher that could control people’s dreams. The kids decided to go investigate it at Mt. Rushmore while Flynn suspiciously stayed behind. 

While at Mt. Rushmore the Librarians ended up on a scavenger hunt that Jake later realized was a distraction. They deduced that DOSA had done it to get them out of the Library so it could be invaded and the items taken. The Library’s door was disabled so no one could get in or out and Eve showed up at the front door to let DOSA into the Library, appearing to have given everything up. 

Flynn set to work sealing up the Library as he and Jenkins tried to protect their home but DOSA was way ahead of them. Jenkins was turned to stone to keep him at bay while Flynn hid and tried to stash artifacts away. The rest of the Librarians showed up to the mess at the Library while Jenkins, turned back into himself, snapped at Eve about how it was her job not just to protect the Librarian’s lives but their souls as well. He believed she had failed as a guardian. 

The Librarians found Flynn and let him know they took Jenkins, but Flynn insisted they needed Jenkins back in order to once again sever the Library’s tie to their reality. It would be the only way to protect it from DOSA. He sent the team to the DOSA facility to try and get Jenkins. DOSA, on the other hand, made a poor choice and retrieved Apep’s sarcophagus even though Baird warned them against messing with it. 

Managing to sneak into the DOSA facility, the young Librarians tacked down Jenkins but found they were thwarted by a lock. With their combined knowledge they provided the correct answers but the lock did not open and with each passing attempt Jenkins was at risk of being harmed. Eventually they realized that DOSA expected them to come and had designed the lock tricks specifically for each of their strengths. They determined they needed to try the wrong answers and lo and behold, they got through and got Jenkins out.

They informed Jenkins of Flynn’s plan, which was news to him because he did not know how to active the fail safe. Apparently Flynn had lied to get them out of the Library, no doubt to do something completely stupid. Meanwhile, Eve sucked up to the DOSA supervisor to get into her good graces by showing off some skills, only to leave and have the supervisor possessed by Apep because she had to go poking around the sarcophagus. 

Back at the Library, Flynn stared at a painting of himself as he processed his next task. Charlene appeared to guide him, encouraging him in his decision to sacrifice himself. As he left to complete what appeared to be his final task, Judson appeared in the mirror beside Charlene as a nice call back to where it all began. 

Eve realized belatedly that the DOSA supervisor had been possessed by Apep who was about to use part of the Library to release pure evil back into the world. He called for a bomb that DOSA had prepared. Jenkins and the rest of the team returned to the scene and Jenkins grabbed Eve, ready to accuse her of betraying them all only to have her claim she had been working with Flynn and this had all been part of the plan. Flynn wanted to lure Apep into the Library in order to use the Eye of Ra to contain him. She did not realize at the time that the Eye required a human sacrifice, or that Flynn planned to give up his life the entire time. 

Eve, Jenkins, and the team watched helplessly as Apep took on his own form in preparation for the bomb to go off. He plans to blow the Library up and pull energy from the catacombs of the Library in order to release pure evil back into the world. Eve, watching Flynn in his final confrontation with Apep, begged him not to go. He destroyed part of the bridge to keep them away from him and turned to face Apep. 

Flynn and Apep talked about good and evil, Apep claiming good was an apparition and that he wanted to restore the world to its natural state. Of course Flynn challenged him while Eve tried to brainstorm with the team a way to save the day. She told the Librarians to prove that they are smarter than Apep, that good exists, and they came up with a plan: they had to offer someone else as a sacrifice. 

As things looked pretty bleak for Flynn, the Librarians managed to get across the divide and with their various gifts gave Apep a spirit (from the monkey king), the gift of thought, and a heart. Apep became a real human being and was then scarified to the Eye of Ra, the very thing meant to kill him. The team saved Flynn.

In the aftermath they worked with DOSA, who returned the artifacts after keeping them in their own artificial library. After the events with Apep, they seemed to come to terms with the fact the Librarians were peacekeepers and do-gooders, not threats. In response to the events the Librarians decided they would not use magic or enhanced gifts moving forward. 

Everyone settled back into routine life at the Library, ready for whatever lies ahead. 

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