“Never Binge Alone Again”

This app allows for binge-watching, but with a community of viewers. Instead of the sometimes annoying constraints of live-tweeting, this app shows your comments and those of other viewers in real time with the episode as you watch.

It also has the ability to add your own images or gifs as you watch too. Perhaps the best part is upvotes, which allow you to receive an overall ranking for a show. Want to hold the gold trophy for Game of Thrones? Get commenting! Trust me, binge-watching was never so fun. 

The app is simple to use; click the “listen” button and the app will automatically sync with the show. There are now over 50 shows available through the app. 

Available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Nerd Out App
“Connecting Nerds Around the World!”


Nerd Out App provides a creative solution to organizing your nerd life. With a collection of many nerdy events in your area, you can calendar events, meet-ups, conventions, or game nights that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise! 

Through the app you can discover events and locations that might be of interest in your area, while also interfacing somewhat with other users through check-ins and posts within the app. 

Get out there and calendar your next battle for the kingdoms… or maybe just a cosplay meet-up.

Available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Seen It
Track Your TV Viewing, If You Dare


This app provides an interesting view into one’s life. See just how many episodes of your favorite shows you’ve watched (or if you’re like me, missed!). The app allows you to indicate the exact episodes you have watched through, including details of when you watched them and your own rating.

It is an interesting way to track how many episodes you may have fallen behind in case you missed a week, a season, or an entire series!

The one downside is the ads that show up on various pages within the app, but given that it is a free app, I suppose one can’t be too upset. 

Available from the Apple App Store.

“Meet Your Next Favorite Book”


This one is quite similar to the previous, but for books. Goodreads offers plenty of opportunities for tracking your own reading, that of your friends, or even join threads or community readings. Currently you can cast a vote for your favorite books of the year broken down by genre.

Some of the best opportunities are the giveaways and author interactions. Who doesn’t like free books or answers to your burning questions?

Available online or in app form on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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