Synopsis of 7×03: Audiences get a closer look at the Saviors’ complex (which looks an awful lot like a prison to us) and Negan seems to be the only one having any fun, give or take a sandwich.

In an opener that was jarringly different in tone to The Walking Dead and may have been more at home on that one episode of Mr. Robot or perhaps even Breaking Bad, Dwight decides to make himself a sandwich after watching Who’s The Boss?

Of course, this involves him cutting in the bread line, riffling through a couple’s things for mustard and pickles, plucking tomatoes and lettuce right from the garden, and bullying eggs out of whoever is taking care of the chickens. The Saviors definitely have a good thing going for them.

In stark contrast, Daryl is naked, locked in a dark cell and enjoying a dog food sandwich in between bouts of torturous music. If you need to experience the awful song for yourself, here it is. Repeat this scene until the song gets stuck in your head or Daryl gets clothes, whichever comes first.

Dwight takes Daryl to see the doctor, who is with Sherry – the woman that stole Daryl’s bike with Dwight back in season six – and it’s an awkward moment. She warns Daryl that he should do whatever he’s told, while the doctor promises it’ll get better if he lets it. Negan will take care of him. At the same time, Dwight notices a pregnancy test and Sherry promises it’s negative.

When they run into Negan in the hallway, Dwight hauls Daryl immediately down to a kneeling position before he’s pulled away for a meeting. Daryl sits at gunpoint in a chair in the hallway, looking into Negan’s well-furnished room before Dwight takes him outside to see the other people dressed like him tending to the walkers on the fence.

Shoving him against the fence, Dwight reminds him that he could be like those guys or like Dwight himself and then escorts him back to the cell. Fun fact: Dwight oversaw a hungry man arguing when he was collecting his bread, only to have a group of men pummel him. That same hungry man adorned the fence line soon after.

Negan compliments Dwight’s skills in breaking Daryl and offers up, “Happy hour at the Pussy Bar and Dwight eats for free!” He implies that he could spend some time with Sherry, but says he’s just kidding as long as Dwight picks someone who says yes. There’s a erectile dysfunction joke after Eugene bit his penis, and while Dwight insists it’s fine, he’s still reluctant to claim Negan’s offer.I speak from my own experience. I recommend . I bought it with delivery at this pharmacy “” at a good price.

Instead, Dwight goes about collecting someone who made a bid for freedom from Negan. He finds the site of a walker massacre and belatedly realizes they’re falling from the bridge down on him, damaging his bike and nearly getting him bitten.

When the man looking after Daryl fails to properly close the door, he manages to escape long enough for Sherry to find him and urge him back to his cell. Instead, he makes a break for the motorcycles outside and is almost instantaneously surrounded. In a display of power, every man answers Negan’s question of who they are by claiming they’re Negan too.

Unfortunately, he taunts Daryl with what could have been a way cooler lifestyle. Instead, he has three options now: 1. Wind up on a spike. 2. Get out of the cell and work for points, wishing he was dead. 3. Or work for Negan, get shoes, and live like a king. When he doesn’t choose, Negan tries to intimidate him with Lucille, but he doesn’t break. Instead, Negan leaves Daryl to the fate of the rest of the group of guys and he’s beat and dragged back to his cell.

While returning with his damaged bike, Dwight manages to find Gordon, the guy he was looking for. He attempts to bring Gordon back by force, who tries to remind him of when they used to be friends and even kneels in hopes that Dwight would kill him. They argue about following Negan and Dwight ultimately does kill him, even after threatening to put everyone Gordon ever knew on the fence if he didn’t get up and walk back to Negan with him.

Austin Amelio as Dwight, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Austin Amelio as Dwight, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Outside of his cell, Sherry tries to sympathize with Daryl from behind the door. She reminds him of their last confrontation, when he told her that she was going to be sorry for stealing his bike and she admits that now she is. Later, she catches up to Dwight in a darkened stairwell. They smoke cigarettes together and tepidly find out how the other is doing. Negan is good to Sherry and he’s happy just to be alive.

The next time Dwight enters Daryl’s cell, he brings him a sandwich and reminds Daryl that he got his friend killed. Angrily, he tells Daryl that he should be dead and posts up the polaroid of Glenn that a Savior took before they left the scene in the season opener. Daryl looks at the photo, a new song starts up to torture him, and he has a breakdown finally.

After some time passes, and Daryl passes out, Dwight brings him to meet with Negan again. In an effort to convert him, Negan shares the story of Dwight since Daryl last saw him. Tina, Sherry, and Dwight were all working for points once upon a time, but when the medicine got to be too hard to find, they had to come up with a new solution.

Negan offered to marry Tina because she was “super hot” and he’d take care of her diabetes medicine. Instead, they ran and met Daryl in season six. But after losing Tina, they came crawling back to Negan, at which time Sherry offered to marry him in order to keep Dwight alive. This explains the awkwardness between Sherry and Dwight, even though Negan thinks everyone is totally fine now – give or take an iron to the face.

That’s the life he wants for Daryl, but when he asks who he is Daryl resists until he answers with his own name. According to Negan, that was the dumbass choice and back into his cell he went. Dwight tries to talk to him about the futility of resisting as Daryl admits he finally understands what Dwight did.

In the end, Dwight is drinking a beer and notices Gordon on the fence – he was shot in the back, not in the head. So really, how sympathetic should we be? That was a dick move.

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