Once Upon a Runner


Once Upon a Runner features a female protagonist, Ella the young fire mage, as she runs through six different fairy tale worlds. Ella finds herself teleported to different recognizable fairy tale worlds where she must find her way back home by defeating the baddies she finds along the way. It’s a fast-paced, easy game to pick up and learn, with multiple opportunities for upgrades throughout the levels. There are also different sets of outfits to earn for Ella and an endless mode if you don’t want to play the six established levels. It’s a 2D game with gorgeous artwork, but hurry and make your pledges, as the campaign ends soon!

Rewards Under $20: For $5, you’ll get early access to the game and four in-game outfits for Ella. For $15, you’ll get the previous rewards as well as a listed thank you in the credits and a thank you postcard from the lead designer!

Ends May 28, 2014.

On the Coast of Dreams

onthecoastofdreamsI am in awe of the artwork for On the Coast of Dreams! It’s an interesting concept that follows a man, known as “The Seeker,” who enters into a dreamworld to fight for his daughter’s life. She’s in a coma and he must overcome external and internal demons to bring her back, but his time is running out… The creators are Czech and really wanted to focus on how hope can drive a person in hopeless times. The Seeker meets entities that want to help him, as well as ones who want to hinder his cause, but ultimately his daughter’s fate is in his hands. Check out their website for other up-to-date news on the project.

Rewards Under $20: For $5, you’ll get some amazing wallpapers for your electronics and the first five pages of the comic as a teaser. If you pay $10, you’ll get the digital wallpapers pack and a digital copy of the finished graphic novel. Splurge and spend $25, you’ll get everything already mentioned and a physical copy of the book!

Ends June 14, 2014.

Primo: the beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game


I have never been a math person, but I am that person who turns family fun board game day into a life-and-death competition that ends in everyone quitting out of frustration. In my youth I flipped a Candy Land board game when I got sent back… That being said, I really like Primo from a design standpoint and an educational standpoint. The concept is simple enough and you can watch the above Youtube video to get an idea of how the game is played, but I do think (as cliched as it sounds) that the value is really in getting kids excited about math. Each game takes about 10 minutes to play and there are endless ways to test math skills to win the game.

Rewards Under $20: For $5, you’ll get a multiplication table in PDF format, color-coded like the game board to help develop an understanding of multiplication. For $15, you can DIY yourself the game by getting all of it in PDF format and printing it yourself for play. If you want the actual board game, it’ll set you back $35.

Ends June 6, 2014.

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