Synopsis of 2×04: Kara, Alex and Maggie investigate an alien fight club. Hank attempts to get closer to M’Gann. Meanwhile, Mon-El grapples with his new situation and powers on Earth. 

If there’s two people on this show that continue to hit it off, it’s Alex and Maggie. When Maggie finds the decaying body of an alien in a trunk of a car, Alex and Supergirl are her first call. Watching Alex and Maggie work with one another is like watching two old partners seamlessly reading each other’s minds.

While things look promising for the two of them, I can’t help but think devastation or betrayal is somewhere ahead in their future. Alex and Maggie track the alien’s potential killer to another alien, whom they confront outside his home. Before they can arrest him, he is suddenly kidnapped by a group of armed mysterious men.

On another note, Hank returns to the alien bar to speak with M’Gann and he is desperate to learn how she survived. She reveals that one of their captors, a White Martian, showed mercy on her and helped smuggle her out of confinement.

Throughout the episode, Mon-El begins going crazy being cooped up inside the DEO for his own protection. Being the smooth talker that he is, Mon is able to convince Winn to take him out for some fresh air. Unfortunately his idea of fresh air involves a bar and some beer, and some more beer and the two become fast drinking buddies, despite the fact that Mon can’t get intoxicated.

Mon’s attempt at grasping the English language and culture is rather hilarious and he and Winn are entertaining to watch together. Despite their new sodality, I’m truly enjoying Kara and Mon’s burgeoning friendship even more, considering they share more in common than they think and both have lost their former homes and families.

Maggie and Alex manage to track down the alien’s locations to a covert high stakes fight club of sorts. The two quickly discover that the club’s owner, a woman who calls herself Roulette, is forcing aliens to fight each other to the death. Maggie and Alex are even shocked to find that one of the contenders of the night is none other than M’Gann, Hank’s new friend and the last daughter of the Mars.

It would appear that Alex was smart enough to call back up and Supergirl soon crashes the party. Before Kara can do anything, she is attacked by a very powerful gladiator-like alien called Draaga that allows Sinclair and the other wealthy attendees to flee.

[The CW]
[The CW]
Hank emotionally confronts M’Gann about her involvement in the fight club and despite their supposed similarities, M’Gann wants to forget about her past and move on. Hank seemingly writes her off but not before M’Gann gives him more information about Roulette.

Hank goes to apologize to M’Gann but it appears M’Gann has set him up and he is ambushed and kidnapped by Roulette, who is more than thrilled with the discovery of another Martian.

Surprisingly with Lena Luthor’s help, Kara manages to track down the location of Roulette’s next fight. M’Gann forces J’onn to fight him so that she can survive but J’onn is able to reach her and stop her. When the two refuse to fight any longer, Roulette calls in Dragga who relentlessly attacks the two.

Supergirl, Alex, Maggie, and the DEO arrive in the nick of time to crash the club and, using insider tips Mon-El offered freely about Dragga, Kara is able to subdue Dragga and arrest Roulette. Unfortunately, Maggie is forced to release Roulette on orders from high above. Alex invites Maggie to get drinks with her but Maggie politely turns her down, having made plans with her current girlfriend already. That must sting a little. 

[The CW]
[The CW]
Back in her normal day job, Kara proudly presents her new proposed article to Snapper on the alien fight club, citing Supergirl as her source. Now this sounds eerily familiar…

Unsurprisingly, Kara asks the DEO to release Mon into her custody and she feels somewhat obliged and eager to train him and help him adapt to life on Earth. Crossing my fingers that this mutual partnership goes well. 

J’onn later visits M’Gann at her home and once again extends an offer a friendship. After he leaves, M’Gann shapeshifts, revealing her true identity to be that of a White Martian, the very race that killed J’onn’s friends and family and decimated their race. How she can pass as Green Martian escapes me but hopefully will be revealed in the near future…

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